Chapter Three: Adapting and Changing

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Derek left right after the bell rang at the end of lunch. He exited the game and grabbed his backpack and soared out of the room waving, "See you later!"

At least the rest of my classes were not so bad. I did not make a fool out of myself.

On my way to the bus I didn't see him or his crummy truck in the parking lot.

I came home with a headache and a little humiliated. It was a long day and I did not make any of it better. I was being rude to the only friend I made in school so far. I was lucky he did not just kick me out in the middle of the road. Or even let me sit by him during lunch. Derek was nothing but nice to me all day.

Rubbing my eyes, I walked over to the fridge and took out a bottled water and chugged the bottle dry. It really had been a long day.

My parents decided to go out for dinner and Steve was in his room listening to loud music in his room with the door shut. It was going to be one of those lonely nights.

I have decided to tell my mom that I am going to give this school one month before I decide if I want to stay. So far, I wasn't liking the idea of school. I was thinking about being home schooled from now on. People drop out and get home schooled around their sophomore year anyway, well, back in the city.

I didn't like how quiet it was here. The town was quiet, a little too quiet that the sound of the wind was loud as the music coming from my little brothers room downstairs. The rooms had high ceilings that causes noises to echo with an amplifying affect.

I went over to the couch and threw my legs over the arm rest as I laid down turning on the television. There was nothing on but exercise videos and paid programming. I could have gone and grabbed one of my documentaries off my movie shelf, but I have seen all of them over a hundred times and I don't want to do reruns again.

I was getting annoyed about how much I had to scroll through the menu guide to find a decent thing to watch when my doorbell rang.

I accidentally dropped the control on to the ground and grunted, the doorbell had made me jolt.

I went to the door and found a Derek Straton looking at me with a crooked smile.

"What are you doing here?" My heart started to race. How did Derek find my house?

He reached into his black leather jacket and pulled out my cellphone and stuck his arm out to me, "I borrowed this from you and I wanted to give it back."

I stood there looking at my phone in his hands debating if I should shut the door and call the police or grab the phone and throw it at his face.

"I tried to climb the tree in your backyard to get into your room, but I didn't know what room was yours," Derek said it like if it was the most normal thing in the world. He then stopped smiling and sighed, "I am sorry I took your phone, okay? I needed it though and I was going to call you about it and it turns out you don't have any house number to your house and I wasn't going to call your parents- which is the only numbers you have on this phone...which was totally weird..."

I felt a twinge of embarrassment and snapped out of the fight or flight thinking mode, "Why would you take my phone?"

Derek then looked embarrassed himself, scratching the back of his neck, "I needed to get a hold of a phone and I was going to ask you, but you seemed to be bossy and a bit of a jerk and I didn't want to ask. But I can promise you that I didn't mean any harm and I wanted to return it as soon as I finished using it." He looked down to the ground, "Look, just take the phone and I will bring you breakfast in the morning or something. I owe you one."

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