Chapter Two: The New Girl

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She didn't look at me when I drove down the street. She kept her eyes straight ahead. I think it's because she was scared really. Well, who wouldn't be scared to go into a stranger's car in hopes that you will get home unharmed in a new place?

The girl had big issues. Didn't know who I was and she still got into a truck with me. She was crazy.

"What's your name, doll face?"

She didn't answer right away. Instead she inched away and let out a long sigh. "Gwenyth. Gwenyth Livingston."

Livingston? That name sounded so familiar. A dim light bulb lit up in my head, but slowly faded.

Gwenyth laid her head on the window and hugged her bag close to her chest. And on that note, not a bad one either.

"What town am I going to?"

She froze and looked out her side window. "To be completely honest, I don't know."

That was strange.

"Any landmarks that you can give me? You gotta help me out, I don't know where I am going." Or how much gas this sucker had.

"I remember seeing a bridge and a big red house?" Gwenyth didn't sound too sure at all.

Luckily for her, I knew what town she was talking about. It was the closest town to here. "So you are from Churchward? That is a tiny town. You don't get out much do you?" Obviously, everyone knew everyone from there. And to find her walking home from Annandale was something those people wouldn't do. They were all family oriented and had high hopes that their children or themselves were going to a faraway college. They set their goals high and kept their head on the money. They were very religious too, it probably came with the name. The nearby towns would make fun of the goody-two-shoes life they lived and how many of those girls were high maintenance virgins.

Gwenyth didn't seem like the type at all. Especially with that horrid dark makeup she had on was a big red flag. "Are you sure you are from Churchward? It seems like you might be from somewhere up north." I shifted gears.

"I am not sure, I just moved here." Gwenyth looked worried then.

That explains it. "I was going to say, you are not the snooty type at all...are you?" I teased.

She didn't seem to find it funny. She gave me a hard look and gave me the finger, "I am a bitch."

Whoa, she is a basket case. I couldn't help but think that is why she ended up at Churchward. This girl needed Jesus. "That is the way you thank me? I am giving you a free ride and you go on disrespecting me? I didn't ask for a blow job in return you know?" I smiled at her.

She didn't say anything at first, she just slumped even more in her seat that I thought she was going to choke herself with the seatbelt. "I'm sorry, I am just worried."

I was worried about the fact that she wore a seatbelt in the countryside. "Where are you from?"

"Far away from here," she sat a little bit straighter.

So she is not much of a talker. I kept my eyes on the road and decided to be quiet for the rest of the way there.

She didn't want to talk to me? Fine. I didn't care. It made it easier for me. I was just trying to be nice and take her home. Mostly to protect her.

When I saw her walking on the road alone and cold I couldn't help but think, 'Where is this girl going?'

There was nothing out there for her. It was dangerous for her to be out here alone. It was a good thing I found her in time and that she accepted my ride, she would not be alive if she didn't.

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