Be Mine?

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Louis- 24
Liam- 22
Niall- 22
Zayn- 22
Harry- 21
Jamie- 23

It really was no secret that Harry had a crush on One Direction's new clothing stylist, Jamie. The boys would always catch him looking at her. She really was beautiful. She had long, brown hair with side bangs. Doe shaped grey eyes hid behind bulky black glasses. Her skin was slightly dark; like toffee. She had a very natural look to her. She wore makeup; mascara, red lipstick, the whole lot, but she just had natural beauty.

It was quite funny to watch Harry interact with her. He would always make silly comments about anything to her, no matter what the conversation was. He also told a lot of his stupid jokes. The weirdest part was that Jamie actually laughed at them, looking adoringly with her innocent eyes.

Harry also asked her lots of questions, questions that he already knew the answers to. Luckily, Jamie just listened to him with a warm smile, answering all his questions. It was quite clear that Harry liked her, and maybe Jamie even liked him?

The boys were having a photo shoot today. Valentine's Day was today, and they wanted to surprise all the fans with a very One Direction-like photo shoot.

Jamie and her other assistant stylists certainly had their work cut out for them. Especially Jamie, as this was her first photo shoot with the boys. Though she was used to working under pressure from previous jobs, she had never worked with men quite like this. It was a lot like trying to dress five three-year-olds. It was impossible! In between clothing changes, they would play silly games, and it was just really stressful. The only one who seemed to somewhat listen to her was Harry.

"Boys, we have to of work to do. Can you please just change without a fuss?" Jamie asked in the most patient voice she could muster. Zayn and Louis were pestering Niall about something as the boy laughed hysterically, Liam was taking sexy shirtless photos in front of a mirror, and Harry was texting. His shirt was off, exposing his toned chest and abs, as well as all of his tattoos. When she saw him shirtless for the first time, Jamie got a bit flustered, and felt her cheeks get hot.

"Alright lads, let's get a move on!" Harry said loudly, putting down his phone and clapping his hands once. He went over to Jamie with a shy smile.

"Heh, thanks for helping," She said, handing Harry his next outfit.
"Your welcome. I'm usually the one caught in the middle with the fooling around, but I thought you could use some help. I mean-not that you couldn't handle us it's just that I-ugh, sorry," Harry babbled out, and Jamie couldn't help but smile warmly up at him, seeing as he was a lot taller than her.

"It's alright, Haz. Here are your clothes." Jamie giggled, handing the cloth garments to him.

"Hey, Harry. You know, it's Valentine's Day today!" Niall said, nudging Harry and moving his eyebrows up and down.

"Yeah. . .and?" Harry questioned, chuckling lightly at his Irish friend as he slipped a red shirt over his head.

"You should ask Jamie out to dinner or something!" Niall exclaimed.
"No, Niall. I would make a complete fool out of myself!" Harry said, running his hand through his hair a couple times.
"Oh, Harold please. Anyone who seriously laughs at your jokes likes you. All of us can tell you both like each other!" Niall motioned to all the boys as he talked.

"You really think so?" Harry asked, looking at Jamie as she doubled over in laughter as Louise Teasdale (their hair stylist) also laughed at something silly she said. "But what if it doesn't work? We have to see each other everyday and it would just be awkward."

"Oh for the love of all creatures, Harold!" Louis said loudly this time, walking over to the two men, as he had overhead (read: been eavesdropping) on their conversation. "You worry too much. C'mon, you're twenty-one! Have a little fun!" Louis exclaimed, hitting him hard on the back. Harry rolled his eyes, as Liam joined them.

"Fine," He sighed. The boys all cheered for him, startling Zayn, as he had been taking a small cat nap. Well, until he was woken up by his loud band mates.
"Whasgoin'on?" He mumbled, standing up and wobbling over to them. The four other men quickly informed them, and he was soon in on it as well.
"We have to make this special though. Think outside the box." He added.

It was now getting closer to dinner, as well as Harry's dinner date he was hopefully going to have with Jamie. The boys had come up with a great way of asking her. They didn't want to go overboard, because then it would be too much for such a classy girl like Jamie. Though, the five boys felt like they had nailed it.

Their photo shoot also went well. And the boys had a terrific time reading all their fans tweets who were talking about how the photos were killing them (in a good way).

"Hey, Jamie. I-uh- have to show you something that's in the back of the tour bus. Can you come here for a second?" Harry asked nervously, twiddling his fingers and running his hand through his hair repeatedly.

"Sure, Harry!" Jamie agreed, putting down her sketch notebook, where she drew new fashion designs. Her dream one day was to have her own clothing company. Slowly but surely, she was getting there. She had her degree and everything. Though, she was happy where she was now, working with the ever so popular One Direction. She was especially taking a liking to a certain Mr. Harry Styles.

Jamie followed Harry to the back of the bus. They didn't say anything at all, but she could tell he was tense. His vein lines were popping out of his hands, and they are clammy. Was it because of her? She wondered to herself.

She stopped short when she got to the very back of the bus. Hanging across one top bunk to the other, was a red banner. In black writing it wrote: Be Mine? with a bunch of small paper hearts all around. On the beds in front of the banner were little fake candles, the type you could just turn on the a switch. The lights were dimmed as well. It was very beautiful, and Jamie caught herself wiping a few tears from her cheeks. No one had ever done anyone like this before.

She turned around to face Harry, and saw that the rest of the boys were behind him, watching the seen unfold with big smiles. Harry approached, rubbing a hand on the back of his neck.
"So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, will you go on a date with me? For Valentine's Day?" Harry asked, taking her hands in his, with a cute smile. Instead of giving a verbal answer, she went on her tippy toes and wrapped her arms around the man, smiling with a relaxed look. She turned her head slightly and whispered in his ear,
"Of course I will." She giggled. Harry pulled away with a large grin.
"Really?" He said with an awestruck look.

"Lads! She said yes!" Harry cheered, as if he had just proposed.
"Awwww!" Louis practically shouted, pulling all six people into a hug. And Jamie, who was squished between Harry and Zayn, still smiling, felt someone crouch down in front of her. Harry.

"Happy Valentine's Day, love"

Author's Notes-

I hope all of you with boyfriends or girlfriends are having a lovely day or night. Or, if your like me, I hope you found some sort of happiness, with either your friends, or buying yourself some sweets and watching cheesy rom-coms.

Short, but sweet! Aaand also because I wanted to actually update on Valentine's Day and it had to be short.

I have one more prompt that's Valentine's Day themed and Narry-centric. It probably won't be put until his weekend though, unfortunately.


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