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Y/n's POV :
It was Saturday, meaning it was rest day. Not really though.

Your phone vibrated, indicating that you received a message.

Unknown Number :
Let's Hang Out! :>

Your eyes widened, you never gave out your number to anyone, you were curious who texted you.

You :
Who is this?

You waited for a minute, but the person didn't text back. You groaned in annoyance. "Just tell me who the hell you are-"

Your phone rung. You picked it up, it was the unknown number who texted you.

You contemplated whether to answer it or not, but curiosity got the best of you and answered the call.


"You picked it up!"

It was Jihoon, "How did you get my number?" You asked him, he chuckled in response.

"Your friend, Eunbi? Eunbi was it? She gave it to me." You rolled your eyes, of course she would.

"What is it, Jihoon?" You asked him again, "It's so boring, let's hang out." He grumbled.

"But it's Saturday."

"So? Let's just hang out-"

You heard another voice, "Who are you talking to?" Says the voice.

"I'm talking to Y/n, shut up Guanlin."

"So, what time will we go out?" You asked him, "You're agreeing?!" He exclaimed.

"Well yeah. It's pretty boring here though."

"Just make sure that once I go home, I have a smile on my face."

"I promise." You can nearly hear him smile through the phone.


You saw Jihoon standing near the Bus Stop, "I'm sorry, did you wait long?" You went near him, he nearly jumped out of shock. "You scared me, and no. I also just got here." Jihoon said, a hand on his heart.

"So, where are we going?" You asked him, "It's a secret." He winked at you.

"Park Jihoon I will kill you."


"The Amusement Park?" You looked at him, he shrugged his shoulders and grabbed your hand. "Let's go?"

You blushed at his actions, "Two tickets please." You were about to get your wallet, but a hand stopped you from doing it.

"It's my treat." He said, smiling. You shook your head, "No Jihoon, you already-" Too late.

"So, which ride do you want to try first?" He asked, still holding your hand.

"That one." You pointed at a ferris wheel. "No, no, no. We'll save that for last." He said.

"How about that?" You pointed at a ride which looked fun.

After the ride, Jihoon asked you again what would you like to ride next.

"Why do you keep asking me? Shouldn't you be enjoying this too?" You asked him, frowning. "I'm enjoying this too, you know."



"What do you enjoy the most, then?"

"Every moment I spend with you."

You blushed, your heart was beating so fast. "W-What? Y-You're so cheesy!" You hit his chest, looking away.

"You're blushing though." He teased you, poking your cheeks.

"Stop it, Park Jihoon!" You swatted his hand away, earning a laugh from the male.


"Should we ride that one?" He pointed at a roller coaster. Which looked very very high.


"Please?" He clasped his hands in a pleading manner, "I- I- fine." You sighed, you couldn't resist his cute face. Wait. Cute?

"Yes! Come on."

You were sitting side by side. Afraid was an understatement. You were frightened to death.

"Don't worry, I'm here." Jihoon reassured you, poking your cheek. "Can I back out?" You looked at him, your lips quivering.

He chuckled at your actions. "Don't worry."

The ride began, you gasped in shock. "Ji-Jihoon.."

"Relax." He caressed your hands, smiling.

"I don't think I'll survive after this," you closed your eyes.

"Hey, hey. Look at me." Jihoon said. You slowly opened your eyes and saw that Jihoon was smiling at you.

"Don't look down, dear." He chuckled.

Being so stupid, you looked down. You were so high, you swore you couldn't see anything clear down there.


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