Chapter 42

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Pounding ran through my head as I tried to blink the fuzziness from my sight. Letting out a small groan my head lulled to the side. Opening my eyes I looked around the room, it was dark and damp. I hung by my arms my feet barely hitting the floor. My arms were pulled taught so I could only move my legs. Looking closer around the room I saw a dark shadow in the corner of the room. I tried to stand but on the tips of my toes touched the floor. Scenting the air I chocked in revolt.

"Show yourself you little bastard." I growled out towards the corner.

I watched as the shadow moved and shifted. Slithering out from the dark a true snake took form. Jason walked out from the shadows his arms crossed and a deep smirk embedded on his face. He slowly walked over to me. His steps lazy and deliberate. I watched Jason as he circled me his steps echoing on the white tilled floor.

"Let me go you coward." I growled at Jason.

"Oh my dear Evelyn why on earth would I let you go? We have so much fun planed, it would be a shame for you to miss it." He replied with a grin.

Letting out a his I kicked out at him. With ought any hesitation he shifted out of the way easily avoiding my kick. I glared at him but he just let out a soft chuckle.

"Now now little kitten you really don't want to do that. See the more you struggle the more he suffers."

"What are you talking about" I spat with a glare.

"Bring him in!" Jason said with a bark.

At that I heard foot steps as the door smashed open. I turned looking over at it and I felt my heart drop when I saw Azreal being dragged into the room. His massive form looking small in this moment. Chains around his neck, arms, and legs dragged him into the room. He struggled thrashing out at the guards. I watched as my mate is dragged across the room and chained to polls much like mine. He was directly across from me, Azreal hadn't noticed me yet as he hung from the silver chains.

"No.." I said in a whisper as starred at him mate strung up and chained.

His head immediately shot up and his eyes locked on mine as we looked at each other. I saw the shock and horror in his eyes as he looked at me. Looking over me I heard him growl, low in his chest. Azreal thrashed and pulled trying to get to me but the silver had drained his power immensely. A soft tear fell down my cheek as we both struggled in our chains to get to each other. But we were trapped. Our mental link was silent and cold as the silver built a wall in between us.

"Azreal!" I screamed as I watched them push him back and tighten his chains.

"My oh my aren't you a fiesty one." Jason said as he moved inbetween us. His hands in his pockets his stance relaxed. We both let out growls at him Azreal strained and weekend.

As I looked closer at him I saw that he was covered in scratches and bruises. They had roughed him up before bringing him in. That or he gave them one hell of a fight. I decided to go with the latter. Turning my attention back on Jason I watched as he moved back and forth in front of us.

"Oh my dear Evelyn what problems you have caused." He said looking at me.

"You had to ruin all my plans. You took away my thrown. My mate. And my pup. You will suffer." Jason seethed.

"Don't you touch her." I heard Azreal growl.

Jason turned to look at him "don't worry her time will come but for now your up." He said grinning menacingly at Azreal.

"Strip off his shirt." Jason barked and I watched as two guards came over and ripped off Azreals shirt.

"If you wanted to see me naked all you had to do was ask." Azreal growled.

Jason smirked and pulled something from his belt. It was long and slender. When the light hit it from the side I watched it shimmer. Starring at him in uttermost horror. I watched as he walked behind Azreal. Raising  the  silver edged wipe above his head he struck hard and fast.

Watching I saw Azreals body jerk and the impact and a ear perching howl shook the room.


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