Chapter One: A Terrible Start

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   I sat on the curb of the sidewalk with loud music playing through my earbuds. It was my birthday actually, the first day I start school at Annandale High.

   I was waiting for the bus to arrive with seven different people. They were all friends with each other no doubt because they were all talking up a storm. It was a small town. They were divided into three different groups but the jokes were thrown around and laughter came from each of them, or that is what it looked like. I couldn't tell really, all I did was watch them for five minutes while they smiled and hugged each other like if they just saw each other yesterday (which they probably did). They all wore jeans with a hoodie or a sweater, but they all looked different from each other. Some of the guys had long hair and some had the short hair with a baseball cap on. The girls had long hair with highlights in it, except this girl with short black hair that had it in a small pathetic looking ponytail. I then turned around and sat on the curb after the agonizing five minutes of them not batting an eye at me.

   It didn't matter who they were, what jokes they were telling, or what they looked like, they still didn't talk to me anyway. I was just the new girl in town who had an oversized coat who was freezing to death sitting on a curb. They didn't know it was my fifteenth birthday. They didn't know I was watching them, all they knew I was definitely not from here because I was shivering like crazy.

  I took out my phone and checked the time. The bus was late. The crowd of people did not seem to notice because they just kept laughing and shoving each other.

  My brother Stevie was starting seventh grade and left happily to school talking about getting on the baseball team and meeting new "chicks". My dad went on laughing and said a quick 'Happy Birthday' to me and left for work. Mom gave me a hug and wished me luck on my first day. I could not help but feel empty and so nervous about this new school.

  The wind picked up and made my hair fly freely to the right of me while I started to kick rocks. I hugged my coat tighter and took off my earbuds and listened to the people laugh.

  "I can't believe it is my last year at Anna, it doesn't seem like three years flew by!" a girl said.

  "Sandra, you are making me feel old!" a guy laughed.

  "I am serious! Doesn't it feel like just yesterday we were getting ready to go in as a freshman?"

  "Well I feel young, I just started my first year and you are all making me nervous!" another guy exclaimed.

  "I know, I know. But you have nothing to be worried about, it is not the end of the world! Trust me, when you hit your junior year you will then feel the worry. Finals and college applications and tests are no joke, let me tell you."

   "Whatever, I might not even go to college. I am going to work with my dad."

  "No, you're not, Seth! What the heck?" Sandra giggled.

  "It's true!"

  They kept going on and on for about another fifteen minutes about how they remembered their first time coming to high school and the silly dreams they had when the bus started to roll up.

  I stood and grabbed my bag next to me and quickly scurried in the bus after the doors opened. I sat in the front and looked out the window. The other students walked in and walked all the way into the back of the bus with the rest of the others on the bus hollering and shouting. "What did you do this summer?" "Where did you go?" "Did you see the movie yet?" "How was Florida?" Questions flew out again and everyone seemed to be talking at once.

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