Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Four]

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<P>[Party later on that night at Ariane's]</P>

<P>--Ariane's P.O.V--</P>

<P>Me and Stephen decided that we were going to wait till Rory was drunk to tell him that his bestfriend and little sister are now a "thing". Most brothers when they get drunk, they get mad, but my brother on the other hand, gets really happy when he gets alcohol in him. I walked around our now crowded house, trying to find Jaymee. I swear, that girl loses herself when she is mixed with alcohol. I grabbed a Bud Light Lime from the fridge and made my way to the living room where everyone was dance. I saw Stephen talking to my brother and his friends and I figured this would be the pefect time to tell Rory, he was absolutely hammered, leaning on Stephen to stay up. I snuck up behind Stephen and grabbed his sides tickling him. He sqealed and jumped. I stood there with shock on my face, the big Jock sqealed ! I burst out laughing, holding my sides and trying to breath. Stephen's face when right red and he looked down at his feet. This sight made me laugh even harder, Rory looked at me with confusion on his face. Then it clicked in, and I remembered what I had come down here for. I managed to finally stiffle my laughter, I stood up brushing the dust off my clothes. I looked up at Stephen, who's face was still red as ever and was still staring at the ground. I could hear some of the boys snickering still at Stephen's outburst. I smiled and walked up to him, his face lifted up to look into my eyes. I stood up on my tip toes and kissed him passionately. At first he seemed shocked, but then he wrapped his arms around my waste, and I snaked my fingers in his hair. I heard a few gasps and some whistles and then something I didn't expect at all. "Whhoooaa, calm down their tiger. Stop eating my bestfriend's face!" I pulled away and looked at Rory grinning. " Uh, Rory, me and Ariane are a thing now." Stephen replied, just as shocked as I was. "Dude, I totally know that. I see how you guys look at each other, it was only a matter of time before you two got together. Plus, I would rather you be my brother-in-law then some random douche I hate and have to get along with!" I felt my eyes getting wide, and I hollared, " Brother-in-law? What the hell, I think you're moving a little too fast there big bro. He just asked me out earlier today !" I felt a presence beside me and looked up to see Justin, " Who asked who out ?" He questioned gritting his teeth together. Stephen walked up to me, and pulled me behind him, " I asked Ariane out." Stephen answered simply. We could all see Justin's face start to get red, starting from his neck. Oh god, he is going to freak. I grabbed Stephen's hand and pulled him up to my room, running as fast as I could, before Justin started to lash out. When we got to the door of my room, we could hear faint moaning. What the fuck !</P>

<P>--Stephen's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I was ready to fight Justin. Ariane was my girl now, and he needed to know his place. The only reason I let A drag me away, was because I didn't want her to get the bad impression that I always look for fights. I have been dating her for less then 24 hours, I can't fuck things up already. Before I knew it, we were infront of the door to Ariane's room. She had her hand on the door handle, but wouldn't turn in and go in. I was confused until I heard the moaning. I looked back at A's whose face was turning red like a tomatoe. She wasn't embarrssed, she was outraged. She slammed open the door and stormed in. I wasn't far behind her, what I saw on her bed disgusted me. Laying on Ariane's queen sized bed was her bestfriend, and my bestfriend. Jaymee was sitting on top of KC, completely naked, and moaning. KC was groaning like crazy, and I saw the expression on Ariane's face. I grabbed her hand, opening she wasn't going to kill them. She squeezed my hand and started screaming. " GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!" Jaymee jumped off of KC grabbing a blanket. I was surprised they didn't hear us barge in. Ariane ran up to them, ripped the blanket off of the both of them. "Get your clothes on, and get the fuck out !" After they scrambled to get dress, and out of them room, Ariane started pulling the blankets off her bed. She went to her extremely large closet and got new blankets, sheets and pillow cases. I pulled her towards me, and hugged her. She dropped everything and just hugged me back. " Baby, why are you so mad?" I questioned, she looked up at me with teary eyes. " I always lock my door after what happened last year, I have two keys, one for me and one for Jaymee. I trusted her with that key, and she abused it to go have a one night stand with KC." The images of what happened a year ago popped into my head. I swear if I see Carson ever again, he is dead. " I have important things in this room, and she knows about them. I don't want certain people to see them, anyone could of came in, especially seeing as they didn't even hear us come in, and I was making a lot of noise !" I sighed, feeling her tears start to stain my shirt, " Ariane baby, she was drunk. You can't get overly mad." I answered, she pulled her head out of my chest and looked up at me with a small pout. " Being drunk is not an excuse, and plus our house is huge ! There are 6 other rooms, not including mine !" I smiled at the small pout that still played on her lips. She noticed what I was staring at, and groaned. She pulled out of my arms, and I immediately felt empty. I needed her back, I almost felt lonely, even though she was standing infront of me. She went to get mini fridge and pulled out a bottle of tequila, taking a shot. She walked over to me, and gave me some. We finished making her bed, and got absolutely drunk off of tequila shots.</P>


<P>I saw Ariane's so called bestfriend headed up to her room with a boy. I knew about Jaymee having a key to Ariane's room, and I could see it dangling out of her pocket. I hid around the corner and watched as Jaymee struggled with the keys, once she finally got the door unlocked, the boy jumped on her, pushing her into the room and slamming the door shut. Jaymee must not have noticed she dropped the keys right outside the door. I smirked to myself, and snatched the keys. A few mintues later, I could hear two people come running up the stairs. I hid in the closest room, and watched as the love of my life ran up to the stairs and to her room, holding another guys hand. I was close to jumping out and killing that bastard, but I knew now was not the time. I'll have my revenge. I flipped the keys in the air and caught them, making my way down the stairs, and sneaking out the front door before someone caught me.</P>

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