"Yes, Master," Benji replied before giving me one more glance and then stepped forward letting his Ajax lead him out.

Wordlessly, I walked over to Nico and he put an arm over my shoulders and we followed the other two.  "Benji's a good boy," he whispered in my ear, "you may speak with him or ask him questions as much as you'd like."

"Ok...ahh...thank you Master," I replied.

We headed outside where the heat hit us like a brick wall and quickly got into the waiting car.  The car ride to the restaurant wasn't too long and both Benji and I had our eyes glued out the windows watching the city and the people go by while Nico and Ajax made small talk about plans for the next few days and a few business items.  Like the other town cars, the back seat had two large seats facing each other.  Nico and I were in the far back, he had me sitting right up next to him while he ran his hand in circles between my shoulders.  Ajax and Benji were in the other seat not quite as close as us, but while Benji was turned toward the window I noticed that they were holding hands.

When we arrived at the restaurant I saw that it was very on a slight hill overlooking the water and there was a long walking path that led across the ocean side where people were strolling along.  The view was amazing, the blue water glistened, there were a lot of tropical trees and beautiful ornamental bushes and flowers.  The driver pulled around into a circular driveway and drove right up to the front entrance where a man greeted us as he opened the car door.  Ajax exited first his hand still holding Benji's as he helped him out.  I waited for Nico, but before he got out he turned to me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and his hand cradled my cheek.  He looked like he was about to say something, like maybe 'Sorry for earlier,' but the moment passed and he stepped out of the car and leaned in to take my hand as well, pulling me out into the bright sunlight.

As soon as I was out he let go of my hand and I followed him inside.  The four of us were lead to the back of the restaurant and through some curtains into a private room with a table set for the four of us in front of large glass doors that lead out onto a private patio overlooking the water.  The view was breathtaking and I immediately walked over and took in the sight.  Benji came up just behind me, "Have you ever been to Miami before Finn?"  Nico and Ajax were talking to some man at the door who looked like he was in charge of the restaurant.

I shook my head, "I've never been out of L.A. before this," I replied.  "Have you?"

"Ajax has taken me here a few times since we've been together.  It's hot this time of year, but so beautiful!  And you get used to the heat anyway."

"How long have you been with him," I asked, nodding my head in Ajax's direction. 

"Almost six months," he replied, "We're on our second 3-month contract."

"How old are you? If you don't mind my asking?"

Benji just laughed, "No Finn, I don't mind.  I'm 19, but I'll be 20 next month."

"Do you like it?  I mean...you know...being a sub?" I asked him nervously.

"Of course!  I wouldn't do it if I didn't like it.  And I...well, I love...I love being with Ajax.  He's really good to me and always makes sure I'm happy and have whatever I need.  And of course, he's way hot!" he murmured before the two of them began to walk over to us.

"Boys, let's sit down now, our waiter will be right in," Nico called out.

Benji patted my shoulder and went to sit by Ajax.  "Sir," he said quietly, "Is it okay if I have a beer with lunch?"

"No, pet.  But if you're a good boy today, you can have one with dinner," Ajax replied.  Benji didn't seem at all bothered, probably since he's not 21 yet anyway.  I sat down next to Nico across from Benji and a few seconds later our waiter entered the room with menus.

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