Chapter 22

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(picture to the right is Benji!)

Chapter 22






"Benji?" I asked.  I knew who Ajax was, but not Benji.

"Benji is Ajax's submissive," he explained.  Before I  had a chance to ask any more questions there was a knock on the door.  I quickly ran off to the bathroom while Nico went to let them in.  I was a little nervous.  I don't know why.  Up until now, it had just been Nico and I.  Well, I mean there was Dr. Cortez and the security guys and Rosita and Louisa, but this seemed different.

When I walked back into the living room first I saw Ajax.  I remembered him from the restaurant that first day.  He was almost as tall as Nico, same dark  hair and very tan skin, his eyes were a steel grey colour, they reminded me of sharks, and were equally as intense.  Almost as good looking as Nico, but not quite.   He has more of a relaxed, jovial demeanor where Nico is often more serious looking.  Ajax looked up and immediately smiled at me; it was a very friendly, welcoming smile and I immediately felt at ease.  I didn't know what to expect of Benji though, after the whole experience with Gerard, that guy Jeff's submissive who I met back in L.A. 

Before I had a chance to even worry about it, a young guy stepped out from behind Ajax.  He was shorter than Ajax, but several inches taller than me. I feel like a real pipsqueak! 

Grow self, grow! 

He had dark wavy hair that was cut above his ears, but was still long enough on top to see thick, unruly curls.  He was definitely older than me, but not too much, like maybe 18 or 19.  His skin was pale like mine and he had blue eyes too.  A slim, but very fit build which filled out a tight fitting charcoal grey silky t-shirt paired with black cargo shorts.  He was also extremely good looking in a boyish way and his plump red lips were curled up in a playful smile that immediately had me returning a grin.

"Finn, good to see you again," Ajax called out as he stepped forward extending his hand.  I started to reach forward as well, but quickly remember my training and stopped my hand, looking to Nico.  He looked pleased and quickly nodded.  We shook  hands and then Ajax turned to the other boy.  "Finn, this is my boy Benji, Benji, this is Finn."

This time Benji looked at Ajax who nodded his approval, so he stepped forward and shook my hand.  This was  when I noticed he had a collar on; much nicer than the spiked one that Gerard had on, but a collar all the same.  It was narrow, only about an inch and a half thick and the two very dark brown leather pieces in the front were held together by a round silver metal loop that was inlaid with small diamonds.  On each side of the loop, inlaid into the leather were larger diamonds which has an almost blue tint that matched his eyes.  When he had turned to look at Ajax I noticed a small lock in the back that kept the collar secure, there was an intricate design inlaid into the lock and the initials AXV which I assumed to be Ajax's initials.  It could actually pass as just some sort of jewelry, like a choker, but since I had seen Gerard's full-on dog collar, I was able to recognise it as something a Dominant would give to their submissive.  I wonder if Nico will ever give me one???

"Hi Finn, it's nice to meet you," Benji said to me as we shook hands.  His eyes glinted mirthfully matching his smile and I couldn't help chuckling.  I knew right away he would be a fun person to spend time with.

"Why don't we go grab some lunch," Nico called out, "we have a reservation at the Esplanade, we can get to know each other there."

"Sounds like a plan," Ajax replied as he held out his hand indicating that Benji precede him, "Benji?"

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