hey guys i have some bad new's and some good news so im gonna go with the bad news first and then good news.

the bad news is that my beloved rabbit died wial i was out with my friend Roy :'(

heres the good news is that my 'friend' Roy, the one that ive been going out on dates with, asked me to be his girl! and i said yes!

and here is some more bad news. i was outside and caught frostbit in my hands so my big brother Richard is typing this he says to call him Dick and he will be helping me type storeys untill my hands heal you can ask him anything, lie what he likes to do and what he dose for a living and you can ask his  honest apinyen of me and he can anser them and i wont edit it!

and last but not least some more good news. i am going to make my other brothers help to! there names are

-Kyal 16 (likes to joke and eat all my food)

-Gabe 18 (is living with us wial trying to get into colig)

-Jason 15 (is an asshat so if he says anything mean tell me in the coments and ill make the others read them to me)

-Dick 20 (lives with us still but pays rent)

-Tyler 17 (has an obsetion with my life and how im doing) and im sitting on his lap right now and he is brushing my hair so yay!!!

-Rex ( it's his nick name but his real name is Cody) 14

-B.O.B (Bryan Oren Batrison thats his howl name but he lokes being called bob) 19 (lives with us wial looking for an ap and a job)

and lastly

-Zane 13 (he is my eydentical twin)

there all adopted exeped for Zane yeah!!!!!!!!!

By Love's ~Marcellus

by people -Dick

by fellow vewers -Ty

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