Baby girl

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Once the door opened, after ringing the annoyingly loud bell, Dominic stood there with a smile on his face.

"Hey Babe" Domi says eying Ray down. She walks up to him, giving him a kiss before he wraps himself around her. (SCRRTTTT PAUSE. WHEN????)
"Wassup Tana" he greets. I'm too stunned in the moment, that I can't even process this through my brain. What just happened?
"Come in" He invites opening the door.

We walk in and see the guys playing video games in the living room. "Wassup" I yell out, drawing attention to me and Ray. "Hey" Travis and Cole reply
"Alright. I have question" I declare sitting on the couch.

"So let me get this straight, you guys decided to Move next door?" I ask looking at all three guys as they all come to sit on the chairs in the living room.
"Well, you destroyed our old place" Travis says.
"If I had know this was going to happen, I would've never touched it" I reply.
"That's cold" Travis says.

The conversation continued from there on. Travis and Domi told there life stories. Theirs were pretty similar. They both didn't come from much, so they had to do what they had to do to survive.
They joined Coles gang when they were 14, but at that time, it was Coles dads gang. 

But in total honesty, I could tell they didn't want to be reminded of the past, and we all understood so we simply accepted what they told us.
Coles story was even simpler. Literally, all he said was "I grew up wanting to be just like my dad, and that's exactly what I did"
Although I knew there was more to this story, I respected his privacy.

Next was me and Ray, and this is what I told them.
"I was raised in a torturous orphanage. They taught us how to be killing machines, one day, I was sold to this gang. That's where I met Ray. We were both pawns to these people. We came up with a plan to start a rebellion, and we succeeded. Only a few managed to escape though. And most of them came with us to the states to start a new life. You can see how that idea turned out"

"Wow, that's crazy" Travis mumbled.
"Eh, could've been worse" I reminded sitting back on the couch.
"And thats Why you wanted me dead?" Cole concludes looking down at the floor.
"Yeah...." I trialed picking at my nails.
"Babe, I would never use you. Ever since I took control of Pietra, I made some major changes" he
"Yeah he got rid of the whole 'raising killing machines' thing" Travis says.

"My father thought it made us stronger to have people trained from birth, but I don't because everyone has to have the same fait as me" he concludes looking up at me. I send him a small smile completely understanding the situation.

"So, beach tomorrow?" Ray asks.
"Yeah" We all replied at once.
"Okay cool" Ray responded. Funny how we could just bounce back from a conversation like that.
"And Ray, since when are you and Domi a thing!" I asks slowly turning my head to her. She was sitting next to Domi with their hands intertwined.

"Since today...." she trails intertwining her fingers with domis.
"We're going to talk later" I reply cocking an eyebrow.
"Why don't you tell me about you and Cole?" She asks mimicking my expression.
"What are you talking about" I ask.
"Baby, I think it's time to tell them" Cole demands as he slides closer to me, wrapping his arms around my shoulder.

"If you don't get your hand off me..." I threaten.
"What you'll kill me?" He interrupts.
"Precisely" I reply smirking at him.
"Um, we're gonna go to the kitchen" Domi announces, taking Ray's hands.
"Yeah, I'm gonna go too" Travis says walking away from the scene.

I throw Coles hand off me, glaring at him.
"Don't act like" Cole snickers letting go of me and leaning into the couch.
"I really hate you"
"You love me" he replies leaning towards me.
"No I don't" I respond leaning back.
He keeps on leaning towards me as I move back, until.... I fall straight on the floor with embarrassment flustered in my face.

I could hear Cole laughing his ass off from the couch, as he looks at me laying flat on my butt.
"Your mean" I pout getting up.
"And your evil" he replies.
"How?" I ask.
"Because you said you hate me" he answers mimicking my pouting. He's so adorable, I just wanna- eh hem! Get a grip T.

"Welp, I'm out. Bye peeps" I announce. Soon, everyone responds back to me from wherever they are.
"Where you going?" Cole asks beating me to the door. "To hell, care to join?" I sarcastically reply.
"If your going, I'm going" he answers.
"Move out my way" I demand chuckling.


Knowing me, I don't really take no for an answer, soooo I punch him in his arm hard enough to make him move.
Although I got through the door, I was stopped when someone pulled me into their chest.
I could feel him lift up my chin before smashing his lips against mine.

He moved his arms down to my waist and pulled me closer than possible. After a few seconds, his lips part from mine, and make their way to my ear.
"You should tell me to stop" He whispers.
No keep going
"Stop" I reply smirking. I could feel him frown slightly before a smirk comes on his lips. Those lips.... **cough cough**
He lets go of me and stares down on me with a smirk still plastered on his face. I still hate that smirk.

"Awwwww" I hear voices cheer from above me. Looking up, I see Travis, Domi, and Ray swooning over the scene. I take a dagger out my waistline and throw it at them, they all ran into the house, dodging it.

I could hear Cole chuckling as he leans against the door frame. "I don't think it's funny" I snap.
"Well I do baby girl" he replies.
"You need to stop doing that" I snicker.
"Doing what?" He ask bringing his hands on my waist once more.
"Kissing me" I reply taking his hands from me before walking away.

"Never" I hear him shout as I walk.


When I go home, I do some work for Ivy before having my dinner. Once I was done, I washed up and went to bed.

In the middle of the night, I was disturbed by a noise coming from my window. I bolt up from my bed starting at Cole as he closes my window.
"What are you doing here?"

"It's..... midnight and I'm tired" I whine.
"Ray and Domi are keeping me up, so I came here"
"Travis left the house too" he answers.
"Oh god are they that loud?" I ask.
"If your quiet enough, I'm sure you can hear them" he replies with a laugh. I follow him with the laughter.

"Come on in" i demand opening the blanket.
"Your not going to make me sleep somewhere else?" He asks.
"It's not like you'll listen to me anyways" I reply.
"Sweet" he comments, jumping in the bed.
"Don't try nothing, am I clear?" I question.
"Crystal" he answers.

"Goodnight Babe"


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