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Shortwave Radio Time & Frequency Guide to South Asia 2010

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English shortwave broadcasts to the Asia/Oceania sorted by time

Relay site codes: ae-United Arab Emirates, al-Albania, an-Antigua, ar-Armenia,

as-Ascension, at-Ausralia, au-Austria, bo-Bonaire Neth. Antilles, bt-Botswana,

bu-Bulgaria, ca-Sackville Canada, ch-China, cl-Chile, cu-Cuba, cy-Cyprus,

fg-French Guiana, fr-France, ga-Gabon, ge-Germany, gr-Greenville USA,

hu-Hungary, ja-Japan, ka-Kazakhstan, ko-South Korea, ku-Kuwait, li-Lithuania,

ma-Madagascar, ml-Mali, mo-Moldova, nm-North Mariana Islands, no-Norway,

om-Oman, pa-Palau, ph-Philippines, po-Sines Portugal, ru-Russia, rw-Rwanda,

sa-Sao Tome e Principe, se-Seychelles, si-Singapore, sl-Sri Lanka, so-Slovakia,

sp-Spain, sw-Sweden, ta-Taiwan,th-Thailand, tj-Tajikistan, tu-Turkey,

uk-United Kingdom, uz-Uzbekistan, va-Santa Maria Vatican, wb-WBCQ USA, wh-WHRI USA,

wr-WRMI USA, wy-WYFR USA, za-South Africa

Notes -- Days of week: Su-Sunday, M-Monday, Tu-Tuesday, W-Wednesday,

Th-Thursday, F-Friday, Sa-Saturday, exW-except Wednesday

Target areas: Af-Africa, Am-America, As-Asia, Eu-Europe, LA-Latin America,

ME-Middle East, NA-North America, Oc-Oceania/Australia; Other: alt-alternate

frequency, drm-Digital Radio Mondiale, occ-occasional use, se-Special English

This page was last updated by Ernest Riley on June 14, 2010. Version A10v05

UTC Time Notes Country Station Frequencies

0000-0030 As, Oc Australia R. Australia 9660, 12080, 13670,

13690, 15240, 17715,

17750, 17795

0000-0045 As India All India R. 6055, 7305, 9705, 9950,

11645, 13605

0000-0057 As China China R. Int'l 6075, 6180, 7415, 11790,

11885, 13750, 15125

0000-0057 As Canada R. Canada Int'l 11700ch

0000-0100 As United Kingdom BBC 5970om, 6195si, 7395cy,

9410th, 9740si

0000-0100 As United Kingdom BBC 12095si/th, 13725th,

15335si, 15360th

0000-0100 As Germany Deutsche Welle 9885sl, 15595ru, 17525ru

0000-0400 NA,As U. S. A. WWRB 3185

0000-0400 NA,As U. S. A. WWRB 6890

0000-0458 Oc New Zealand RNZI 13730, 15720 drm

0000-2400 As Diego Garcia AFRTS 4319 USB, 12759 USB

0000-2400 Oc Guam AFRTS 5765 USB, 13362 USB

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