Chapter 23: Dullhorn Maddness

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"Who is taking the wheel next?" Gladiolus asked

"Ignis should take it and never let go," Prompto replied

"I agree; he is a better than any of us," I said as Noctis chuckled at me and asked,

"You admit that Ignis is better than you?"

"I meant that he is better than all of us including you, vegetable hater."

"Why is that, Alice?"

"One, four-eyes is focused and you are not. Second, you are lazy and Ignis is productive. Third, he is pleasant to be around unlike you, vegetable hater." I said

"Whoa, Alice! That is deep!" Prompto commented

"Well, she did lay out good points about Noct here," Gladiolus added

"Dammit, Alice! I-"

"You what, goth? Are better at sex than four-eyes? Doubt it." I say as the men got red cheeks, Ignis cleared his throat and Noctis replied,

"Alice, that has nothing to do what you just pointed out!"

"Yes, it does."

We argued until Prompto pointed at the sky and a huge black bird creature flew low. It passes us as the wind blew away dirt and Prompto commented on three things. Confusing types that he mentioned but incorrect. My eyes have the full bio of the bird creature for later usage as we started to walk again and reached to the Hammerhead post.

Cindy lead us to the newly repaired car as they were happy to see the car is up and running. I was confused on why would they be happy with a car? Walking is a great way to workout but my mind always went back to the simple answer: they were human. Prompto urged us to take a picture with the car as I went to lean on the car near Noctis and felt a small smile on my lips. Once the picture was taken, my scanners alerted me of the Giver was close by and my head snapped in the direction of the signal. Luckily, the Giver is keeping his distance again and I sighed in relief. Cindy asked Noctis to take a package to Gladin where we take it to the hotel owner and Noctis said 'yes' after he commented on Grandpa like Grandkid.

Grandpa like Grandkid, huh?

My mind thought for a moment of a family but I don't have any to speak of. The Giver did say that I'm named after that family member but the way he said if it was taboo to speak aloud. The only people I knew going up were Medusa and Ardyn...

I have many questions but will there be answers for me?

End of Chapter 23

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you like it and will continue to read more of this story. I apologize for not updating since life has been hard for me. I will not let that stop me from typing up stories for you to read. As a bonus, here is a small short story (Y/N)'s Citadel stay. Thinking of doing this for now on. What do you think? Please give me feedback and vote. 

Flashback on Citadel stay, Month 2 day 13

Currently, Noctis and I were in his room. I wanted him to eat salad again but...

"Vegetable hater, eat," I said

"Alice, I'm not eating that!" Noctis retorted at me as he pointed to the salad, I sighed in frustration of this person and took a fork full of greens. I was about to shove the greens to him as he teleported to the door, my hand threw the fork in the air and landed on his shoulder sleeve. He cursed at me for ruining his shirt which I could careless and took some tomatoes in my mouth. Noctis finally got the fork out of his shoulder as he looked at the direction of the door but saw me in front of him. I took both of my hands to his face and pulled him to connect to my lips. He stood still in shock but realized my plan and used his tooth to close his mouth from getting the greens. Our eyes were locked as Noctis raised an eyebrow as if he challenged me to try and I shrugged my shoulders.

Alright, time for plan B.

I pushed him with all my strength to the floor as he still didn't open his mouth, my hands went to his crotch area and squeezed. This action caused Noctis to open his mouth completely and my mouth pushed the tomatoes into his mouth. I didn't release my mouth from his as he used his hands to pull my head away from him but I pushed him back to the ground and pinned his arms above his head. His face is completely red as he swallowed his greens and I released my mouth.

"Will you ever learn your lesson, goth?" I asked as my legs wrapped around his waist, he mumbled words I don't understand and I continued,

"You always lose, vegetable hater and never get a girlfriend for you are a woman."

"What?!!!" Noctis finally shouted as he squirmed to get out of my hold but it's futile 

"I felt your sensitive area, you are a woman. You lied to me." I said

"Alice, for the last time, I'm a man!!" I replied back

"No, you're a woman," I said as he was about to say something, the door opened and our heads snapped at the entrance to find our guests.

"Hey Noctis, you want to hang-!!!!!" Prompto stopped midway of his sentence for his face is red as Noctis's. Gladiolus clamped his mouth from laughing too hard, I suppose and Ignis...his glasses fell halfway to his mouth.

"Noctis!!! What are you doing to Alice?!!" Prompto demanded

"I'm not doing anything!! She has me pinned!" Noctis said quickly as Gladiolus began to laugh of his answer, Ignis fixed his glasses and asked,

"Miss Alice! Why do you have our Prince pinned to the ground?!"

"He wouldn't get his greens, four-eyes. So, I made him." I replied coolly

"By pinning him down?!"

"Yes, I was curious about one thing, too," I said

"Oh, what's that?" Gladiolus asked

"Noctis lied to me. He is a woman." I said as the three men just stared at me for a moment, they began to laugh hard and I was confused. 

I'm telling the truth; why is that funny??

"Alice, let me go!!" Noctis struggled to get out of my hold

"Not until you admit you are a woman, vegetable hater."

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