Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

It's been three months since the agreement of the arranged marriage and two weeks since the little hangout with Reece's friends to Sammie's. All of Rickston was used to us by now, as a matter of fact we were considered to be a squad of our own. Amanda and Rachel didn't need any personal hanging out with the boys to fit in, they just did. After all their personalities are indeed ones you can't get enough of.

It was nice being around people that we didn't have to hide anything from. They knew of our engagement  and they also knew of our little house arrangement as well, which they never fail to mention just for the knack of it. Things were going great, the whole gang would sometimes sleepover at our house or just simply hang out and play board games or use the pool that shockingly Reece and I have never used before. I guess we were just so stuck in trying to ignore the other and not make this engagement work , that we didn't notice the fun things that came with it.

I closed my car after parking it in the garage of the house that I've spent most of my life living in. School was on Christmas break and I was surprising my parents with my arrival. Reece was hanging out with his friends, something that was long overdue while I decided to spend some time with my family.

"Paige." Hannah said making her way out of the kitchen to give me a hug, which I gladly returned. I took of the jacket that I wore due to the chilly atmosphere and placed it on the back of one of the chairs around the dining table.

"Hi Hannah it's been a while," I said pulling back to look at the lady who took on the roll of my second mother. "I thought you said you'd come over every other week."

"Oh please," she pulled away and waved off my words. "The tension in that house was stifling and I'm not ready to die just yet." I blushed at her words, feeling responsible for the absence of really good food for the past weeks in my life. Hannah made her way back towards the kitchen as I followed behind her. I looked at the bubbling pot on the electric stove and the dried string pastas on the side waiting to be dropped in.

"From the look of things," she said giving me a once over as she opened the fridge to take out some butter. "I'd say that the tension is now leaning on the  good side." I blushed once again leaning against the opening that lead to the kitchen. There is no way I'm having this conversation with a lady twice my age, no way. "Where's mom and dad." I asked hoping to change the direction of the conversation. Hannah stiffened slightly before relaxing her posture. It was a quick transition but I saw it all. I leaned up off the wall, "Hannah?"

She sighed as she placed down the wooden spoon that began to stir the paste for the pasta. "There in the office but-"

Not wasting a moment I made my way up the stairs, towards the office. The door was slightly open, I was about to open it all the way when I stopped.

"I don't know what we're going to do Lisa." The voice obviously belonged to my father. "The company is going bankrupt and if we don't have someone to support us soon we're going to lose the company, or perhaps everything."

The company was going bankrupt?

"Robert calm down, Paige and Reece are about to get married in about a month or so with their help our business will rise once again. Kenny and Chloe said they'd help us."  I was about to enter to see what's really going on when I halted once again.

"But what about Paige, I don't want to force my only daughter into a marriage she's obviously not ecstatic about. Their son is an obvious pain in the ass," I covered my mouth to suppress the laughter, despite the serious atmosphere I must admit that was quite funny. "Maybe we should cancel-"

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