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You were in the pound for a while now. You were always forgotten when a couple would come in to adopt a dog but you weren't a dog. Not at all, you were a wolf a werewolf at that.

How did a werewolf end up in the pound? Well, you asked yourself this more than you normally would but you couldn't really remember anything.

When you came here the people took you as aggressive and put you in your own room. Since you couldn't be with the others thinking that you were going to kill them when they weren't looking. They don't trust you, not one bit, they always forget to feed you and were scared to encounter a starving beast.

So you came by on some mice and birds that found their way into your room.

Tonight was Christmas Eve and the last person adopting today had just left. He was head over heels about how his girl is going to swoon over the teacup chiwawa he found and was quick to get home.

You hummed to yourself softly waiting for the guys in green to come for you and take you for the long walk.

When you asked the other dogs about it they trembled in fear and looked away. After that, you figured it out that dogs who took the long walk were never seen again.

You laid your head down on your paws and close your eyes trying to think about how you were going to escape. Then you heard the manager arguing with someone at the counter four doors down.

You listened carefully when you hear footsteps approaching before they open the doors.

" Miss y-you can't be back here, " the manager said full of panic.

" Can you tell me what is behind this door? Manager-san?" A soft voice says right outside your door.

You perk your ears and stand up wagging your tail and let out a stream of barks. Your door opens and a beautiful raven-haired woman walks in and crouched down to your hight.

"Hello there sweetie " she held out her hand, you sniff it and give it a few licks before she started petting your head softly with a giggle.

" I thought you said she was marked as 'Aggressive' Manager-san" she scratched your ears and you growl happily.

" She is but I've never seen her act that way. You sure have a way with animals Miss. Robin " he says. His voiced filled with shock.

' Robin...her name is Robin' you think as you close your eyes and let out a sigh, resting your head on her lap and lay down smiling.

She lifts up your head and you look into her shiny blue eyes " Would you like to come home with me?" She asked and you jumped to your paws and barked hoping around her.

" Hehe, I believe that's a yes. Shall we?" She gets up and walks out of the room. You run up behind her wagging your tail happily.

After you and Robin left the pound you got in her car and she drove you to a pet store. Where she got you cleaned up and brought you a new squeaky toy.

After the trip to the store, she pulled up in the driveway of a huge red house. Robin put the car in park before getting out and walking up to the door, knocking lightly when another girl opened the door.

This girl looked younger than Robin, she had long orange hair and a towel on her head with one wrapped around her body.

The girl talked to Robin for a moment before shifting her gaze over to the car and spotted you sticking your face onto the driver seat window.

She gave you a soft smile before heading back into the house, Robin came back and let you out of the car leading you inside. Shutting the door behind you to keep the cold air out.

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