Chapter 16

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Axels pov

I can't even begin to explain how hard it was for me to not grab Leila and kiss her senseless last night. Both me and Carl were watching the girls the whole night, and when she started to dance with that human I had to hold my self and Arlo back with all I had not to tear his head off and bathe in his blood. Sounds extreme I know, but after holding back for 2 weeks I'm feeling myself slip. I am so close to admitting to my self that the battle is lost and claim her. 

Anders and Carl have been on my case, my fuse is short and I lash out at anyone remotely annoying. Carl has said on a few occasions that I remind him of a woman PMSing, and I think that about covers it. But Arlo is close to the surface at all time, begging me to go to her, I would challenge anyone to keep calm with a whiny wolf nudging at their mind pretty much 24/7.

Luckily I have the packs training to focus on, that takes place every day, several times a day. So it keeps me occupied and active. I've split the packs training into four time slots. The warriors train in the morning, the average adults and humans train at noon, the school kids train in the afternoon after school, and any elders who want to train have a short session in the evening. Even the youngest kids and the pregnant are included in the training. If there is an attack the weakest members will seek shelter in the safe room, but if that is breached they should be able to at least fight back. 

Leila and Kyle have both joined the warriors, they are strong fighters and what they lacked in technique they made up for in speed and agility. The first time they joined us the warriors were apprehensive, they were worried about harming their Luna and didn't know what to expect from their tigers. But they soon proved that they more than deserved to fight with the best and earned their place among the warriors. They also proved to be quick learners and have adapted to our way of fighting, I highly doubt anyone in the pack could take on Leila and walk away. Me and Anders might win against Kyle though, he is good but not as good as his sister. It still is impressive that it would take the Alpha or the Head Warrior of the pack to take him, it's one hell of a Luna we got there.

It's 6 o'clock and my warriors are starting to pour onto the training field. And there she is. I feel her before I see her, Arlo is doing somersaults in my head panting and whining, so it's hard to ignore her presence. She walks onto the field with her new friends, Nari and Anne, they are two of my best warriors. Crazy as hell, loyal to a fault and with amazing fighting skills they are the wolves I have chosen as my second and third on the battlefield. 

She is wearing the usual training tights and sports bra, and my reaction to the sight is predictable and also the reason I have started to have a clipboard with me at all times during the morning training, I once again have a growing bulge in the front of my pants.

Her eyes seem to seek me out the second she gets close enough and the eye contact makes the world disappear, all I can see is her looking back at me with those amazing green eyes, she gives me a kinda half smile, and I can't help but smile back.

"...xel, Axel, hey are you there?" The sound of Carls voice brings me back to reality. 

"Yeah, I'm here, whats up?"

"Nothing much, just wondering why you're standing there with a goofy grin and a faraway look in your eyes," Carl is staring at me like he's trying to solve a complex puzzle, and in a way, I guess he is. I know I'm acting weird I just can't help it.

I ignore his question and clear my throat, "Guys listen up! Start warming up, 2 running laps, 2 laps with rotation, 2 laps back pedal, 2 laps butt kick and 2 laps high knees." They start their 10 laps without complaining and I join in, once we are done we have hardly broken a sweat. "Good guys, now I want some side shuffles and end with leg crossovers." After we are finished I decide it's time for the fun to begin.

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