Chapter Three

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The hours had past and it was now 7:30, all we had done was chill out and listen to music, the usual stuff we did together. I was playfully fighting with jj, hitting his arm repeatedly until he admitted I had the better music taste, when I looked over to Taylor he was sat alone. 

"This isn't over" I warned jj and walked over to the couch which Taylor sat on.

"What're you doin?" I asked watching him scroll through twitter

"nothin, just scrollin'." 

"you're so cute" I tell him and kiss him on the cheek

"why?" he asked lightly laughing

"all innocent and cute" I told him, wraping my arms round one of his and resting my face on his shoulder. Taylor laughed and turned his head to lightly kiss me on the lips. 

"do you think Cam is gonna invite more people like he said earlier?" I asked Taylor making conversation

"probably not, we all know Cam is too scared his house will get ruined"

"maybe just a couple more would be okay though"

"ask him" Taylor nodded his head in the direction of Cam. I looked over to Cam who was picking a song with Elena, cosily in the corner.

"gosh them two" I quietly said to Taylor making him laugh.

"Cam, why don't you let a couple people come over, just a couple nothin' crazy" I suggest

"Like who?"

"I have a couple friends who would come over" Jack said as he came down the basement stairs returning from the toilet.

"Who?" Cam asked

"Um this real cool dude, Sam and then a couple girls Kate, Emma and Jemma" The rhyming of the two girls names slipped out in a way which made me laugh to myself "...Oh and these other real cool dudes Ted and Henry"

"And just them right?" Cam asked contemplating letting them come

"Yeah, they're all cool" Jack said and JJ nodded along knowing them

"Yeah I think I've met a couple of 'em before with you guys, yeah they can come" Cam said as he finally chose a song and ran upstairs.

"where're you going?" Elena asked 

"To get some drinks! Lets have some fun!" Cam shouted back down the stairs

The room was silent only the music playing as we all sat comfortably listening to the music play

"so Kate huh?" jj asked nudging Jack

"shutup man, she's so last summer" Jack said laughing

I watched as Lily angrily looked in the direction of Jack and JJ

"Hey Lil and Elena come with me quick" I said without drawing any attention to us from the boys except Taylor as I was sat next to him

"um...ok?" Elena looked confused but I could see Lily was thankful for my excuse to escape

"just gotta do something, one sec" I told Taylor as he looked at me confused

"aight" he said and moved himself closer to the couch which Jack and JJ sat on so he wasn't alone

"where're you going?" Cam asked as we came up the stairs


"oh sure you're okay?" Cam asked Elena as he held her arm in concern

"yeah I'm fine" Elena said reassuringly and we continued to go up the stairs

I pulled Lily into a hug as we got up the stairs as a single tear slipped down her face

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