Worst Mom Ever

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You hit me because I cry,

You throw me out in the rain,

You say all these things about me

And think that I'm insane,

That I'm really just inane,

That I am a real pain,

And just a big huge bane.

You pinch and slap and yell,

You act like you're a genius,

You're such a pretender,

And you want me to rust,

To be gone and go bust,

To turn me into dust,

And for me to die is a must.

You say that I am stupid,

That I could kill without a care,

You say that I'm too mean,

That I am nothing but a chair,

Not even my own lair,

That I am poisonous air,

And my life is yours to tear.

You throw away my stuff,

You hate me hate me hate me,

I'm the worst bane in your life,

And you're the worst mom in history,

You're the weakest bee,

The evil entity,

The foulest banshee

And the worst mom in history.

You say that I am stupid,

I say that you're a fake,

You say that I'm too mean,

I say you're the worst mom they could make,

And all you do is take,

Always for your sake,

And you'd just dump me in a lake.

You spoil my other siblings,

You give me all the trouble,

I feel like Cinderella,

Just some idiot grubble,

With just my tiny bubble,

And myself as some rubble,

Just nothing but a trouble.

So now I hate you hate you hate you,

You're the worst mother ever,

You think you're always right,

But my life you want to sever,

You think you are so clever,

And you being great is a never,

Because you're the worst mom ever.

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