begining our lives

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roc pov

me: bre what are u doing up this early

bre:nothin just going shoping

me:i thought we were going to the lock in tonight

bre: i know im buying the outfits for tonight u just stay with the boys for a few hours

me:ok, but why dont u want me to come

bre:because girls are gonna be drueling over my rocypooh

me: ok bye

that was the most okward thing that happend to me usaly she always wants me to ride with her , so i started to follow her and my phone start ringing it was her because all these raindrops fallin on my window came on

all these raindrops fallin on my window i been through a lot of things didnt know i just wanna know has anybody sexed u lately have u had any good sex baby i come from atlanta where they raise me like a pimp raise me like a pimp raise me like a pimp......

phone convo

all i hear is bre saying i cant sneak out again i swear if its that diggy again he gone end up dead i swear give me strenth i hung the phone up that ugly lyin hoe cant wait till this bitch get home

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