its orders

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steves p.o.v (flash back)

I was sat in my room playing on my phone

we have a job for you come in as soon as possible-nick fury

were is it-steve

xaviers school theres a girl there and she is in danger you need to get her our before its to late-nick fury

whos the girl- steve

gwen- nick fury

okay- steve

i got my stuff and started to drive off to the school


i pulled up to a huge house

i got out my car and headed for the door where I was greated by a bold man in a wheel chair

"hello captain" he said

"and you are?" I asked

"i am Xavier" he said "charles Xavier and may I ask what are you doing here"

"there is a girl in your care who is in danger" I said

"well thanks for your concern but gwen is very safe here so you may leave" he said

"its orders and I follow orders" I said

"i don't care please leave now steve she is safe I know you care but she is safe and tell Mr fury that as well" he said

"of course" I said walking away

I could see gwenns face looking through the window but when she saw me looking she quickly closed the curtains

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