Weird Guy

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" You again ?! "

He smile and ate one of fries.

You frowned and glare at him , who was trying to take your fries again.

He pulls his hand back to him , gulping .

" What's your name? " He said.

" Why would you wanna know? " You put the sliced meat into your mouth.

" Is it wrong to know someone name? "

You shook you head and continue enjoying the food.

He frown because you ignored him again.

" Hey, " He said again.

This time , your soul had completely had been taken away into food heaven.

A sting felt on your cheek.

You open your eyes with a pair of eyes looking at you closely and his hand pinching your cheek.

You back off.

The chair made a screech sound.

" I'm talking to you " He said.

" Okay. " You continue to eat.

" Pig.. " He mumbled.

" What? " You stop stuffing your mouth like a hungry ghost.

" Human. " He smile.

You look at him weirdly.

" Can you please don't interrupt my time for the food? " You said.

" No. "

You rolled your eyes and put your utensils down.

" My name is Y/n. Y/l Y/n.. Now go away and find someone else to interrupt. " You shoo him.

" Oh. I'm Kim Tae Hyung. Just called me V. " He said and take your fries again.

" Stop taking my fries! There's a lot at there! " You point at the place where you take the food.

" I know. " He stuff more fries inside his mouth.

You stop his hand and pinch it.

" OUCH! " He pout.

You glare at him and eat quickly.

Luckily you didn't choked while eating.

He just look at you and smile.

After you finished eating , a waiter come and take the plate away .

He still smiling .

" What a weird guy you are . " You wipe your mouth and stand up ,ready to walk away .

" You're interesting. " He stand up too .

" Why am I interesting to you ?"

" Because a lot of girls want to talk to me but you keep running away ."

" I run away because I'm not interested in talking to anybody . I come here to eat . " You walk away.

You didn't feel like anybody following you anymore .

" Thank god he's gone ." You walk to the balcony .

You look around searching for the two sibling .

" Ah! There they are!" You saw them taking a picture with a group of guy .

You dial Hye Rin's number.

She look at her phone and put it inside her bag again.

" How dare you didn't answer it! " You said to yourself.

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