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As I wake up, Wait..... I slept? I haven't slept in years. I opened my eyes in a small panic until seeing Tana laying on my bed.
Her flawless physique was laying in my arms as her head fell on my chest.

I try moving out her grasp but she refused to let me go. "Stop moving" she whined.
"I know I'm addicting" I reply.
"Fine" She says before letting go of me and rolling to the other side of the bed.
"No, come back. I was joking" I admit moving closer to her.

Right after I moved over, I could feel light kisses on my face, trailing down to my neck.
"I'm going to kill you" I mumble moving his face away from me. "Can't wait" he replies before getting back on my neck.

"Stawwp" I whined moving his face away from mine.
I'm surprised I haven't killed him by now, normally, I wouldn't let anyone touch me like that.
"Come on..... get up it's 2 in the afternoon" he demanded while shaking me. "Your not going to stop are you?"


"Fine I'm up" I declared sitting up from the bed.
"I'm gonna make some breakfast" He announced getting off my bed.

When I finally gain enough energy, I decide it's time for me to get ready. I put on a pair of ripped jeans with a crop sweatshirt (Yes I know it's summer time)
Deciding to go to the gym today, I pack my duffel bag with some gym clothes and a weapon.


"Where you going?" Cole asks as I walk into the kitchen, placing the bag on the table.
"The gym" I replied grabbing a stack of pancakes from him, and Nutella.
"Really, your going to ruin the pancakes too?" He asks. "You mean fineness the pancakes?" I ask spreading the creaming substance on the pancakes.

"Chocolate is not even that good" he dared to comment. My eyes wondered to him, and I blinked a few time processing what he just said.
"Don't disrespect chocolate like that, or else I really won't hesitate to kill you" My voices laced with venom.
"You sure about that?" He asks approaching me.
"Positive" I reply
He wrapped his hands around my waist and sits me on top of the counter.
"Do it" He sneered leaning towards me.

Reaching for my bag, I smirked while looking for a weapon, keeping my eyes on him.
Before I could do anything though, Ray walked into the kitchen. "Good morning" she yawned.
I quickly jumped off the counter and turned towards her direction.
"I smell pancakes" she adds curving up her nose.
Right before moving, she searches the room and looks at me, then Cole.
"Your were gonna kill him weren't you"  Ray sighs.

"Nope" I reply putting my gun back into the bag.
"Why are you wearing a sweater?. I feel hot looking at you" she says.
"I'm comfortable. Besides, it's light" I answer.
"Welp I'm gonna leave" I perk stuffing the last piece of pancake in my mouth.
"Gym?" She asks.



I went to my house to pack up my clothes before going to the gang house. I changed my clothes into some sweatpants and a tank top before going to meet with the guys.

"You found a house?" I ask Travis.
"Yeah, um.... 714 wave ave" he responds.
Oh I know she's going to be mad. That house is right next to hers. Well not NEXT to hers, since she owns a private house. But it is close to hers.

"Alright, have them furnish it. I'll be right back" I announce before leaving the house.
I hopped in my Bentley and drove off to the gym.

As I walked into Reece's gym, I see someone I didn't think I would see. Katana was doing a split on a mat, stretching. I could see a bunch of guys eyes on her. I don't know why, but this pissed me off. She's mine.

She soon transitioned into a handstand before falling into a bridge position and picking herself back up. When she turns towards the guys, she shoots them all a smirk and their faces were flustered.

This is a guys gym, I wonder how she got in. Also, why didn't she go to the Ivy's gym?
I make my way to the locker room to put my stuff down, when I heard a loud sound followed by a bunch of 'oohs'

I quickly made my way out to see Katana standing in front of a boxing bag with a huge hole punched into it, as the filling started to spill out.
Whispers erupted throughout the gym but she ignored it and made her way to another station.

"What are you doing?" I ask walking up to her.
"What, tired of starring at me?" She asks. "
"Not quite. How'd you know?" I ask.
"Please, I can smell your cologne a mile away, Besides, you were the only one standing in front of the door" she replies.

"Your extremely observational"
"Wow mr.smarty using big words now?" She ask sarcastically. I simply roll my eyes and walk away with her chuckling.


The whole time at the gym, all we did was competing at every station. Once we left, he said he found a place to live so he was going to unpack and stuff. I offered to help, but he said he didn't have much to do.

"Looks like we have new neighbors" Ray's says looking out the window with a cup of tea in her hand.
"That's nice" I sigh before walking up the stairs.
"Get ready, we're going to introduce ourselves" she Declared.
"Noooo" I whine dragging myself to my room.

After a shower, I changed my clothes into a pair of sweats and a tank top and made my way down to Ray who was standing by the door ready to leave.
"Let's go meet the family of monsters" I exaggerated

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