Chapter 13 - Where To Go?

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It's still the frost-filled early hours of the morning, about three or so. As I open the beside drawer I can feel cold, ruthless eyes filing through the shadow of the drawer my hand was opening. The touch of the ice metal handle made me shudder.

Am I going crazy?

Insane maybe?

Who the hell knows. But I have to leave. I must go. I don't know how I'm going to get out of this room without being spotted by security, but I have to go, whatever it takes, I will be gone.

I flicked my head around to the window overlooking the roses, all clear. No sign of anyone. Not even a shadow. I looked back to the drawer, stuck my hand in reluctantly and searched around for my notebook.

"What?..." I continued asking myself as I searched around in the dark drawer. "Where are you notebook..." Grabbing the bright torch that sat on the top of my bedside I flicked it on, cover part of the lens with my hand so the light didn't shine too bright and noticeable. I aimed the light in the drawer, it was bare. My heart froze, I heard it skip a beat. The notebook was in there when I woke up, to make sure I had all my equipment to run, the notebook incase I needed to write something. For some reason I hadn't grabbed it then, I don't know why, I just guess I was waiting until it was ready to be put in the duffel bag I had my few items of clothing stored in. Yet again my hands shook with so much force it felt my whole body was being knocked about in a rough storm. The shaking moved through my whole body, my rib cage being rattled so much i could practically hear it. My legs gave way, bringing me to the cold laminate floor. Someone had been in my room since I woke, meaning they had been in here and I didn't even know. They could even be here still. On the floor my toes became numb, my fingers soon joining them. I let my midnight hair fall around my face as curtains to my security.

Through the darkness that was moving through me I constantly heard a sound, a sound in my head, one getting louder and louder. "Get up Hope... go.... security is not out there.... they won't help you... nurses are gone... snap out of it... get up... go... leave..." My mind brought me back to a slightly normal state, I pushed my hair back and into a quick ponytail done so fast it must be record time, in not even a second. My duffel bag was partially packed, but I had to go now. I grabbed my flashlight which was laying under my bed now. Into the shadows I shut off the light closed my bag, threw on my warmest jumper left, no shoes on my feet, I didn't have any in my room. I gained sudden strength and flung my bag silently around my shoulder and ran. I ripped open the door, not caring if anyone heard me, not caring if anyone was on my tail, trying to kill me. I just ran. The hospital was full of dim dawn light and the occasional corridor light was on. My weak legs ran slowly, but surely. I kept hearing that message running through my head. "Run... now... run..." Those words just kept replaying, over and over, getting louder and louder. Taking a left I ran into another corridor, empty of any light at all, already halfway down the hall I felt in my gut the danger I had just run into. The message in my head thumping even louder. It's too late to go back now... run Hope, hurry up and run.

The break between the words in my brain was just long enough to hear the almost silent footsteps. My thin body pushing through the loss of energy and strength, but slowing down, the footsteps getting closer, not louder, just closer. I could tell, I felt the prescence of someone behind me. I hit something. An object collided with my hip, taking breath out of me. I heard the footsteps get more aimed as my mental messages faded out slowly.

It was impossible for me to see anything in this tone of darkness, but at least my ears were still with me. My lungs gasped for air as I hit into another solid object. "Fuck!" That one hurt. The rattle of metal echoing down the hallway, it seemed this place was made of metal, absolutely everything was metal...

The footsteps were tortures in the dark, what if I died right now? What would happen when I died?

I woke from the sleep and rhythm of my boney feet slapping the ground one by one. I had stopped. I broke down. Leaned against the closest thing which seemed a wall and puffed like a thirsty dog on a boiling day. The small muscles in my body relaxing.

Warm hands grabbed my shoulders and I broke down. I bawled my eyes, I gasped and stopped breathing, something cold was pushed onto my forehead, along my brow. Cold sweet lined my body from heat to toe as the person clicked the thing that was pushed against my head, it was a gun. A death giving, ruthless bullet kicker. He had just loaded it. I felt the tall and very strong frame putting more pressure onto the gun. Seconds lasted forever. In the darkness I got a large punch in the stomach, making me gag for air. They were followed by more hits, punches and slaps as the gun was drawn back from my head. I shook, I emptied my stomach contents onto the ground as I was punched hard right in my throat. My mouth frothed like I had been poisoned, although I hadn't. My face was slapped endless times each time getting harder and louder. Blood streamed from my nose, my mouth a total disaster. My eyes were blinded by liquid running into them. I couldn't feel my cheeks anymore. I was hunched in half, gripping my gut, hands frozen and my feet being stepped on by strong boots. I couldn't even see the face of my attacker, those warm hands turned to cold, Grim Reapers. The series of merciless punches on my body stopped, only breifly. I heard the pistol being retrieved as I was falling back onto the wall, trying to shelter myself with the little I had. That's when he reloaded the pistol and was pushing it into the back of my head, my hair now fallen out and pulled out in clumps. The back of my head musn't of been too easy for me, without too much pain. I guessed by now he was a 'he' due to the rough grunts he was letting out when he was abusing me. He grabbed a large clump of my hair and ripped upwards. Almost cracking my neck apart. I screamed in pain with the last lot of energy I had remaining.

That's when the wall broke. A wall couldn't just break, but I figured it wasn't a wall when glass was shattering into my eyes. The edges ripping my skin apart. It felt like I was in a shredder, being cut up by a million tiny blades. I felt myself fall a little, turns out the ground here was risen a bit above from the ground, about half a storey, but still enough to make a damaging crack to my shoulder. The crack was followed by a loud and stiffening 'bang'. I lay on the ground in the bushes. Twigs in my hair. Blood streaming from my ankle. "Shit. Why don't I just die already." There wasn't a place in my body where pain was not thumping.

"Get up Hope... keep going... he's coming..."

The messages started again. I was gasping for air as I grabbed my gut and rolled over to my side. There I rolled down the slight decrease in land. The leaves in the garden sticking to me, blood in my eyes. I gained the abnormal strength to drag myself along the ground, my ankle going limp. It was like I suddenly had a huge adrenaline rush of energy, I pulled my body up on a fence pole I gripped to my right. With a series of grunting, groaning and swearing I was upright.

"Go Hope... climb over..."

It was like my brain was helping me through this all. Like I was some sort of robot and I did what it said, but I knew I had to get over the waist height fence. The iron poles once looking a shiny black, now looked blurred and like a fifty foot tsunami wave. I put my good foot, the left one on the horizontal pole running near the base. And slowly and clumsily scraped my right leg up the pole and over. My left leg automatically joined it and I rolled in a ball to the ground. I was free. I was finally free. But I was still running, I got to my feet, sensing that he was coming after me. I ran. I ran with the last of my strength to the trees across a patch of barren land which seemed to go on forever. Through it all I still had my light blue duffel bag over my back and I was limping swiftly to the shelter of the frosty trees.

This is where it really began...

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