“No seriously.. It’s absolutely ok” I tell Zayn

We are at the garden where the wedding celebration is going on. I and Zayn are seated at one of the round tables.

“No I can stay. My mum just called to ask me about my whereabouts. Anyway I’m not a little boy who has to get home before curfew” he grins.

“Is this seat taken?” I turn around to find Ryan looking absolutely dashing in his grey single button tux.

“Hi there” I greet him as he takes a seat beside me and extends his hand resting it behind my chair.

“You look absolutely gorgeous” he leans and whispers and my cheeks turn into a crimson shade.

“Thanks and same goes for you too Devon” I say and wink at him.

I hear someone clear their throat and instantly sit up straight.

“Oh.. By the way Zayn this is Ryan and Ryan this is Zayn” I introduce the boys to each other.

“Hello” Ryan says and Zayn nods in response.

“Hey Zayn !! Can I talk to you?” comes the chirpy voice of Carly.

She is accompanied with Celine and Lily by her side.

“Sure” replies Zayn as he gets up. The girls instantly drag him to a corner and whisper something to him. He nods his head and then walks back to us with a smile.

“Hey I’ll be right back ok?” he bends down and says and then quickly makes his way to the middle of the garden. Marshall and Chris clear the area there and push all chairs and tables to the sides. Drew brings two high stools and places them and then he brings his keyboard and keeps it beside one stool. He then gets a mic with its stand and places it infront of the centre stool. Zayn occupies the centre stool while Chris occupies the one next to it and slings the strap of his guitar around his head and adjusts the guitar in his hand. Drew finally joins them behind the keyboard.

“Eh.. Hello Everyone.. Good Evening!” Zayn’s voice booms out of the speakers as he stands up from his stool and speaks into the mic. He removes the mic from its stand and holds it in his hand.

“Well firstly I would like to congratulate the newlyweds, so massive congrats to Adam and Arianna. I would also like to thank Mrs. Sheffield for being a real sweetheart and inviting me and finally I would like to thank my beautiful, charming and amazing friend Eliza without whom I wouldn’t have been here” he smiles at me and continues “I’m Zayn Malik from One Direction and I’ve been requested to sing a song. It’s actually a dedication from our groom Adam to his lovely wife Arianna. So here we go! To Adam and Arianna” he exclaims as the crowd bursts into “Whooos” and whistles. The intro music starts playing and Zayn’s smooth voice echoes through the entire area.

“Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me,

But bear this in mind this was meant to be,

And I’m joining up the dots with

The freckles on your cheeks.

And it all makes sense to me”

We all listen to the beautiful track as it comes to an end.

“Cuz it’s you, they add up too

And I’m in love with you and all your little things”

As the song ends the crowds bursts into a huge round of applause and shout “Once more”.

“Thank you! Thank you everyone!” Zayn says as someone screams -We want more. I’m guessing that that someone may be one of my drunken cousins for sure. And I’m proven right when I see Carly by the bar yelling it.

“Ok I’ll go again but this time it’s gonna be a different song” Zayn says as the crowd cheers. The music starts playing. Once again Zayn’s flawless voice echoes through the area.

“He takes your hand I die a little,

I watch your eyes and I’m in riddles,

Why can’t you look at me like that?

When you walk by I try to say it,

But then I freeze and never do it,

My tongue gets tied the words get trapped.”

“Would you like to dance?” Ryan asks. He’s standing beside me with his hand extended towards me. I grin as I nod and accept his hand. A few other couples too are on the dance floor. I place my left hand over his shoulder while he places his right on my waist and we hold our free hands together. We slow dance as the song continues.

“When I see you with him,

Slow dancing tearing me apart

Cuz you don’t see.

Whenever you kiss him,

I’m breaking Oh how I wish that was me”

“Hey can I tell you something?” Ryan whispers down at me.

“I dunno, Can you?” I whisper back looking up at him.

He chuckles lightly.

“I’m serious Ellie” he says and I look up at him to find him looking down at me intently.

“Sure” I reply as the song continues.

“He looks at you the way that I would,

Does all the things I know that I could,

If only time could just turn back,

Cuz I got three little words that

 I’m always being dying to tell you.”

“I like you Ellie a lot. I’ve always liked you since freshman year, when we met” he says.

I look at him completely stunned as his words register in my mind. He doesn’t notice it as he continues,

“I just didn’t have the guts to tell you all those years back. I thought that you may not like me, because me being me and you’re like this ultimate glamorous diva. I knew it that I was out of your league. You were always the friendly popular and pretty girl in school and I was the nerdy cross country breed. I was scared of rejection. But now I’m not scared anymore. I don’t want to run away from reality because then one day when I look back I don’t wanna have this regret that I never told you what I felt, that I never asked you. So whatever your answer is I will happily accept it.” he says almost breathless. I just stare at him.

“...Me with my hands on your waist

While we dance in the moonlight.

I wish it was me that you’ll call later on

Cuz you wanna say goodnight.”

“Ryan.. I.. uh...I can’t... I need time” I tell him as I let go off his hand and back away from him walking in the opposite direction. I feel his gaze burning holes into my back.

“Oh.. how I wish that was me”

I hear the song ending as I speed walk towards the other side of the garden where no one can see me. There are just one or two couples here as everybody is enjoying the party inside. I walk upto the swing set in one corner and sit down on one of the swings. I just can’t believe what happened back there. Ryan Devon my best friend, the best guy I ever came across, the only guy who I think is blessed with both a huge heart and the looks like of Ian Somerhalder asked me out. Oh sure Zayn is good looking too but then he’s a celeb and almost all of them are good looking! Ughh now why am I comparing the two! Brain function rationally!!


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