don't run away..

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Warning long chapter!

-----Still the same day----

Taehyung pov

It was the English Kang was talking and talking..ugh I hate this. I wasn't even listening I was in my own world.

"oh this schedule! I forgot to give this to Mr. Jeon" I heard Mr. Kang say..Who is Mr. Jeon? A new teacher? Pfft like I care..I thought and looked out the window.

"umm..oh Taehyung can you give this to Mr. Jeon for me?" I heard him ask.jeez he always ask students to do his work for him..I thought.

"Taehyung? Taehyung? Kim Taehyung!!"I heard Mr. Kang yell. Oh gosh who ever this Taehyung..plz just do it or else this Kang monster will keep yelling ..gosh this is so annoying.

"TAEHYUNG!" someone shook me. I looked up and saw Mr. Kang.

"Back to earth Taehyung" Mr. kang said..oh shit! Taehyung is me..I totally zoned out that I forgot my own name.

"you zoned out the whole time? Jeez Taehyung you missed my fun life story.." Mr. Kang said. I missed it? Thank god..

"go give this to Mr. Jeon for me.." he said grinning while handing me a file.

*groan * "okay"

I went out of the class room. Where is this Mr. Jeon? Maybe I should go check in the teachers room (staff room) first. I thought and headed to the teachers room where teachers stay.

I peeked to see whether there are any new teachers around. Then I saw Mrs. Lee.

"oh hey Mrs. lee" I said smiling.

" oh hey Taehyung..are you here to meet me?" she asked coming closer. Abort! Abort! She's invading ma space..I stepped back.

" ha haa ha..No. um Mrs. Lee who is Mr. Jeon?" I asked. She frowned when I said no...Ha! She likes me.

"oh Mr. Jeon you mean the new hotie- uh uh I –I mean the new teacher ?" she asked as she shuttered the last part.

"I don't know if he's new or not but where is he?" I asked.

"Right over the room no 3"she pointed towards the corner room. "Thank you Mrs. Lee" I said as I bowed. I walked toward that room then I saw-

"Oh shit! Its him" I gasped and I quickly covered my face with the file. He was sitting there chilling. His legs were on the table while he was looking at his phone. aish! My mask? I checked my pockets. oh gosh I left it in the class..I pulled my hair to my face covering my eyes so he won't recognize me. I walked toward him.

"Mr. Kang asked me to give this to you" I said looking down avoiding eye contact. I kept the file on the table when I was about turn around-

"Who?" he asked looking up.

3rd person's pov

"Who?" Jungkook asked looking up. There he saw the boy with his hair covering his eyes. Jungkook took his legs off the table.

"Mr. Kang gave this." Taehyung said trying his best not to shutter which he did successfully. Taehyung bowed and turned around to walk away but before he could walk away Jungkook grabbed Taehyung's hand and stood up from the chair.

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