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So in this part I'm obviously going to be telling you guys about clothes and had to be cute. so if you have light skin(Not racist btw 🌸💗) and your white you need to wear darker clothes.if you are tan and you need to wear bright clothes you can also wear dark clothes it doesn't really matter.if you are african american you can wear really anything ya want.❤️💛💚💙💜 try not to wear anything too tight try to wear something that fits you perfectly. If you are wearing a saggy shirt which try not to wear like old wrinkly saggy shirts like where are saggy sweaters with leggings and maybe some Nikes or Adidas will be cayuttee. Here is what I mean by saggy sweaters with leggings...

 Here is what I mean by saggy sweaters with leggings

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do not wear sandals and jeans it's a total no no.If you are going to talk your shirt in to your jeans make sure the jeans are high waisted and do not talk your shirt in to your leggings.

💗💗💗💗💗Byyeee love ya

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