What He Loves But Won't Admit

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HOW LONNNNGGGG IT'S BEEN MY DEAR READERS!! THERE ARE PROBABLY ONLY TWO OF YOU READING THIS STORY NOW!! MY ONLY EXCUSES??? Uhmmmm ik you don't want to hear them.. Read and if you want explanations, read until the very enddd



I dunno what to put for this one. Gon is very straightforward and honest. There's no such thing as "won't admit" in the relationship. One thing that you don't necessarily know he likes is when you fall asleep on him in some cases. He finds it really cute, and he probably wouldn't tell you this just becuase.


He loves it when you cling on to him as if you'd die without touching him. When he calls you an idiot and tells you to stop, he really wants to see if you'd still cling on him. To his satisfaction--- you do!


It's not that he doesn't "admit" it's just that doesn't feel the need to tell you what he likes. When you play with his hair, combing your fingers through it, ruffling it, styling it and such. He feels so relaxed. He wouldn't tell you because he feels like it really isn't a priority.


Hisoka... Hmmm..  He won't admit that he loves it whenever you call him your "silly clown" he acts as if he is unamused by it, giving you a blank stare most times. Don't worry- he loves it.


He would never admit that he loves it when you call him "boss" instead of Chrollo. Simply because of the very, very teeniest bit of light embarrassment he has. For others, it's out of respect, but when you say it, it just has a completely different meaning and gives him a different feeling.

It may just slightly turn him on...


He never admits ANYTHING to you. But his top guilty pleasure is when you pull down his scarf, pull him towards you by the fabric, and kiss him. He especially loves when you do this action in front of everybody.

Never ever ever would he admit it. He would of course, kiss you back, but after he would pull his scarf back on, grumbling. But inside he is smiling like a madman.


This. Boy. Loves. Every. Thing. You. Do.

But one thing he will never admit to loving is impersonation. Sometimes you would stand beside him, doing his same folded arms and stoic faced pose, just to tease him. He would face you, you would face him, and he would angrily tell you to stop making fun of him. But as you laughed and walked away, girllll, fanboying is a thing.

Literally he thinks it's the cutest thing ever.


Oof whenever you have no idea what your doing with technology. He just shakes his head, and helps you out with your problem. But really, he looovessss when you're as confuzzled as a bean. Its like you've never been introduced to technology before and he is all for it.

He'll just never tell you that because he wants you to keep being clueless.


This girl- I mean boy... Lovesss when you call him adorable, or cute, or fluffy and things like that. He'll never admit it because his embarrassment stands in the way, but honey, you're giving this boy butterflies.

He loves it becuase of the fact that he sometimes sees himself as a monster, and hearing reassurance from you makes his doubts and thoughts settle, and even go away.


Honey he lives for your oreo puns. Yes, he dislikes when other people make them, but for some reason, with you, you're just so darn evil it's cute to him.

He won't admit it, because then there definitely wouldn't be an end to the puns...

I say keep those puns coming.


NO MERUEM YET!!! I KNOW, I KNOW I'M MAKING THIS WORSE FOR MYSELF BY NOT CATCHING UP NOW! But if I'm being honest, I'll probs just only do like 3 catch ups and continue, bc he is so hard to do, I get anxiety trying to write his scenarios.

That was excuse one, Meruem.

Excuse two... Love??

Okay. I'm kind of in love now.


Oml my ship. Uggghhh. So my sis forced me to watch Yuri On Ice, sooooo I finished it in 2 days, only bc I started at night and I was tired, and ever since then, I've been in love people! Okay. Soooo... I have a private book and it's Vikturi one shots.

For anyone who watches Yuri on ice....???? Should I publish it???

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