Chapter 12: Peyton and I

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  Heres chapter twelve, This one is a tad but shorter than the other chapters like 5 pages instead of 7 so sorry about that, I've been struggling with writer's block lately, but have no fear I shall continue to write ^u^  

My poor editor is stressed right now so I just wanted to give a thankful shout out to her for continuing to edit and help me with my story even through rough times Thankyou soo much!   So this chapter is all PeytonxChenoa My favorite thing about romance is probably that even the filler chapters that are used for no other purpose but to strenghten bonds between characters are still fun to read C:  

ALSO THANKYOU ALL SOOOO FRIKIN MUCH BECAUSEE THE OTHER DAY I HIT 2K READS WOOT WOOT!!!! but seriously thankyou all soo much I ADORE reading all of your comments and hearing what you all have to say C:  

so yeah heres 12 Have fun my little chatons!

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Auctioned Hearts 12

I walked into the little diner and Dolly was there with one eyebrow raised high and smiling a smile that could rival the Cheshire cat himself. I looked at her warily knowing something was up.

“…What?” I questioned hesitantly, her grin widened.

“Was that Demyan?” her sweet southern drawl made her sound even more curious.

After a moment it clicked what she was thinking.

“Dolly! You know I’m not like that,” I gasped giving her a offended playful push.

“Sure sugah, keep tellin’ yourself that, buht Ahm sure that anyone would understand ya loosin’ those good morals o’ yours when ah lookah like him be running round you with those kinda eyes.” She drawled out as she continued cleaning the spilled soda from the ground.

“What kind of eyes?” I said confused.

Dolly rolled her eyes.

“Sugah don’t tell Dolly you can’t see the look in his eyes!”

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