Change of The Heart (4)

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I'm so so sorry for the late updates! I have been so so busy and side tracked that I haven't gotten around to updating. But I promise to try and give you guys updates now and then. I feel like a terrible author and a person in general. But here's an update for you! Thank you for those who kept waiting patiently


I watched Tami ate her dinner slowly, her eyes red and puffy from crying ealier. She hasn't even said a word to either me or the doctors. The only person she's spoken to is mum and that's not even much. I guess she'd just feeling lost with no memories and being told something upsetting in one go.

"Did you want to see the gardens before we check you out, Tami?" Mum asked, her eyes filled with worry. Tami shrugged and pushed her dinner away and lied down in her bed, moving her back to us. Hurt fluttered in my chest but I didn't say anything. Mum sighed. "I'll come get you when it's time to go." Then she left.

I smiled at mum softly and turned back to Tami. Standing up I grabbed her table of food and pushed it away. As i was walking I caught a glimpse of Tami's face. Her eyes shone with sadness and her lips trembling. It was like she was holding in her tears. "Tami..." I whispered. Tami heard and sat up anger in her eyes.

"What? You gonna take pity on me?" I shake my head.

"N-no I'm just worried about you."

"Whatever. I don't even know you..." she mumbled. "I-I don't remember anything... my new life. I-I don't remember..." she whispered. I smiled softly sitting beside her on the bed.

"I'm sorry. I know I'm not much help but I'm here if you need to talk or my mum is here too." She only nodded covering her face.

Sighing I gather my stuff and head out of the room. Mum was talking to the doctor signing some papers. Must be the release paper's for Tami. "Hey honey." Mum said handing the papers back to the front desk lady. "Is she okay?"

"She's really upset." I replied, grabbing a bottle from the vending machine.

"We'll be there to support her."

"Of course. She's very important to me." I whispered. So very important. I drank the bottle gasping for breath, my breath cold from the water. "I'll grab her clothes and stuff." I mumble, walking back to the tense room.

When I walked in Tami was trying to get out of bed, failing miserably. Quickly I grab her by the waist. "Careful, your still weak from the crash." Tami didn't say anything and I sat her on the bed. "I'll get you a wheel chair. I need to get you to the care saftly." I begin to leave but Tami called out.

"Why would you care? You just told me the flat out truth just after I was stuck in this stupid accident." I look down biting my lip. "You say where suppose to be together but I know nothing of you. Other than you being the one to bully people, Miss Wynter Corrine." My eyes widened and I turned to her. Her blue eyes were hard and flat, anger dancing.

"What?" I whispered. Bully? I haven't bullied anyone."

"But you stood by and watched didn't you?" It was true. I looked in her eyes. She hates me. If only she remembered... I pursed my lips.

"I'll get you a wheel chair." Then I left the room. She hates me. The firey hate glittering in her beautiful eyes...

Oh dear... that's not very happy... Well we'll have to see what happens next

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