Chapter 32

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"What have you decided on your future?"

"I don't know. I'm concentrating on my culinary school now then let's see what happens."

Daiyan told Muaz about his life. After a long time, they both had gotten a chance to meet and catch up with each other. Over these years Muaz had gotten married, settling down in his life while Daiyan was focusing on his sole dream of becoming a great chef.

There was this little wish inside him to open up his own restaurant one day where he would present famous dishes from across the world, from the countries where he would go for outing with his own money with his mother. One day!

A cold whiff gently touched his face as they both exited the Aeroporto Malpensa. The huge carpet of the sky was getting stitched with various shining stars as the night came over the residents of Italy. A shrill gasp followed by a silly giggle broke his reverie and made him aware of his companion.

"What winter!"

Safiya loudly chirped rubbing her gloved hands together and while he just rolled his eyes. Yes, he had to admit it that the winter was terrible here in Milan. He had visited Italy once in his earlier years and that too in summer so he had no idea about the winter here also he had a habit to ignore Safiya's advice. He was hating the fact that his bones were literally chilling due to his surroundings and his lone jacket was not helping him with anything.

"So what? It's not like we have summer all year."

"Stop sulking Grumpy Man. Admit it I was right about the winter too."

Safiya looked at him a little too proudly and he turned his face away from her, pursing his lips. Just after a second, he felt a touch of something warm on his hand and Daiyan glanced at his side to witness his little girl jumping on her place to have access to his other shoulder which was quite difficult for her due to her short height.

"Will you just bend down so that I can place this shawl over you!"

He did as she said, stealing looks of her as she wrapped the shawl properly on his shoulders. Her cheeks slightly pink due to the cold weather, nose pin beautifully tucked in her nose and eyes furrowed showing her business.

"This is the first time you have obeyed my orders in first saying."

"This was important else whatever you say is always something silly."

Daiyan mumbled and got a heavy punch on his arm. "Mind your words Daiyan Mustufa else this shawl is mine. I'll take it away and leave you here to become an ice cream cone."

"Ah, I'm scared."

Daiyan groaned moving ahead, unknowingly capturing Safiya's hand in his hold, tugging her with him.

"You know you can get a perfect job in the circus by the amount of redness I'm seeing on your nose."

Safiya again teased him as they got inside the car sent by the organizers for them. It was clearly because of the winter and she was greatly enjoying it. That warm box surely cutting the lethal winter of outside and giving a little calmness to his chilled body.

"Have you made an oath to not stop talking ever?"

"Yeah as you have taken an oath to never utter a word."

Safiya cut his sarcasm with her own and he only sufficed on watching the moving scenes from the car's window. Now they were heading towards the hotel where they had to stay. Glancing at Safiya, Daiyan was surely surprised- how could anyone get so much excited over these petty things. At one time she was glancing at the night sky while at the other she was smiling brightly seeing statues or even lampposts.

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