Change Of The Heart (3)

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I stood at the back of the room as doctors check and ask her if she remembers anything or anyone. My emotions were running wild.

How can she not remember me? I'm her girlfriend. "So miss Yamashita, do you know who Wynter is?" Tami looked at the doctors confused, causing my heart to pound.

"You mean winter? Like the weather winter?" The doctor looked at me with sympathy and jotted down things on his note book. He came over to me. "It seems she's suffering from mild concussion and memory loss. I'm sure she'll start to remember things in a few days. Have you contacted her parents?" I nod.

"Yes but they can't come back due to their work." The doctors sighed.

"Tami will need to be supervised at all times when she gets discharged. Does she have any relatives?" I shake my head.

"Me and mum will look after her." Doc nodded and headed out of the room, leaving me and Tami alone.

"Um who are you again?" I jump and turn to Tami who was smiling kindly and sitting up in bed. The sun glowing against her skin.

"I-I have to go." Quickly I ran out of the room, my heart pounding rapidly. I lean against the door. She can't remember... I... I need to go in there.


I grab the tray off food and enter the room. There she was, sitting looking out the window with a small smile. "Hey." She turned but it seemed as if she was waiting for someone else.

"Oh hello. It's you again. Did Ruby send you?"


"Yes. My girlfriend." This isn't happening... She thinks... no...

"I-I yes um she wanted you to eat something." I quickly place it down and stand back. "I'm gonna go." Before I could turn she called out.

"May I know you name?"

"Wynter." And I left before she could say anything else. I walked around the hospital and froze. There's the little bitch. Running to herI fist her shirt. "You bitch! This is your fault." Victoria stood there shocked at my actions while Ruby looked at the floor. "Tami can't remember me! Or her life here! All she remembers is you as her girlfriend! You son of a bitch!" And I'll the one to break her freaking heart all over again. "Your coming with me," I looked over to Victoria as well. "You too." I didn't let go of her shirt as I march towards the room.

When I go inside I push Ruby in. "Tell her."

"Tell me what babe?" No one spoke and I growled lowly.

"Listen Tami. You and Ruby aren't girlfriends. She never loved you. She faked loved you so her and Victoria could get together." Tami looked at the two girls and frowned.

"Ruby? Is this true?" Ruby nodded.

"Yes." She whispered. Tami gasped and tears shone in her eyes.

"Leave... please." Ruby and Victoria didn't move. "LEAVE!" She screamed and they left. When they shut the door Tami finally broke down crying.

I went to her side and hugged her. "Tami... you were in a coma."

"W-what?" She croaked, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Yeah. I-I called your parents but they can't make it because of their jobs. So you'll be staying with me and my mother." Tami cried even more. Sighing I cuddled her to my side. "I'm sorry this happened."


Hey everyone and happy New year! Sorry for such a late update I've been really busy but here you go! I hope you liked it 😊

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