Chapter 2

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The lights went out 20 minutes later.

Everyone halted in their activities as soon as they struck blind as the lights flickered and fizzed out. Instantly I was at my communicator, calling up Connors.

"Hey Doc, are the lights out in the labs too?"

- Yes. Same with the East side of the Triskelion. I think our fuses couldn't hold out any longer, the technicians said there was little they could do with a storm of this magnitude. But the generators should be up and running in a few minutes.

"So, everyone is fine?"

-Yes, the technicians made it back inside safely. Everyone is okay.

Relief soothed my anxiety. "Oh, alright then. When can we expect the generators to be up and running."

Connors paused, running a hand through his brown hair. He exhaled slowly, puffing his cheeks a little. -Give it ten, maybe fifteen minutes. This snow...- he shook his head, eyebrow narrowing in exasperation. -I guess even S.H.I.E.L.D isn't safe from Mother Nature all the time.-

Got that right. "She just had to knock us down a peg," I chuckled. Criminals and alien threats were one thing. Giant storms and hot weather were another. "If you need any help, call me up."

-Will do.

I sighed and let my arm drop. In our circle, Iron Fist already had his fist up, crackling with mystic power, which illuminated the faces of our group. Agent Venom, Powerman, and Squirrel Girl joined us. There was no point in throwing a football if you couldn't even see it, I suppose. Besides, I figured they'd end up joining us sooner later. I mean, how fun could tossing a ball back and forth actually be?

"Well, this sucks," Agent Venom huffed, dropping his football gently in his lap to wheel himself up to the group in his wheelchair, "How long did Connors say the lights were gonna take?"

"Ten to fifteen minutes," I said, dropping my cards in the pick-up stack. Miles won that round anyway. The universe was not happy with the win. "Another game? I gotta reclaim my Uno throne."

"Nuh-uh," Miles said, tone smug. "The throne is mine and you are never getting it back."

I quirked an unnoticed eyebrow, leaning over to stare at Amadeus and Nova. "Are you listening to this child? Are you listening to this child? Never getting it back! Who does he think he is? Alright Kid Arachnid, one more round. Winner takes all."

Miles cackled, stretching his arms and attempted to crack his knuckles. "Oh, it's on. I will have your Uno-loving, tyrannical IsoulI"

I stuck my index finger up "On the contrary, my soul is dead-tired and weary with emotional problems and angst. But if we were to barter souls, it would be your soul that will be taken."

"My soul is unattainable and will enjoy crushing yours with more teenage angst and problems."

"Oh-ho, is that a fact? Well, I-"

Nova threw his hands up. "Oh my gosh, stop with your lame smack-talk-"

"--is that what that was?--" Agent Venom whispered.

"-can we just start the game already? Geez...buuut if anyone was to win everybody's souls, then all your souls would belong to me."

Before either Miles and I could reprimand him, Dagger swept up the Uno stack and was quickly dealing out the cards. "No more," she said. And that was kind of that. Nova, Iron Fist, and Dagger gave us just enough lighting to see, so the lights weren't a big problem.

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