Chapter 2

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It was my best friend meg she looked at me but I was to busy hiding my face to notice anything that was going on.

So wait for the people that hair stays the same must be human and the ones with black with red highlights hair must be slaves and red are vampires.

After she left the room I look up and smiled at the guy with the long hair.

"You understand," he bit his lip and I shook my head in return.

"What your name anyway? "I look him in the eyes to see that he was staring directly at me suddenly a small blush appeared on his face.

"Chris and my name Ash,"  the one with short hair said smiling at me I gave him a smile back

"Let try again," then a boy walked through the door with his head down.

After about 2 hours pass and I finally got the hang of it.

"Thank god it over," Chris cried out and slap ash on his back while he sorts out the papers.

"You should go home and tell your aunt,you start tomorrow," Ash bit his lip trying hard not to bring his anger out.

I smiled and walk out of the room and for some reason, I was back in my bedroom.

I smiled at the thought and went to bed and of course, my aunt comes into the room and told me to wake up.

At first, I was a little mad but then again I was gone for long I got up from my bed and smiled at my aunt she handed me my clothes and smiled.

"Annie I have to tell you something," I looked down and played with my hands trying find a way to say it without her getting mad at me or hate me.

She gave me a worried look and shook her head I knew she was thinking the same thing I was going to say she always protected me and she never wanted me to leave her.

I don't want to leave her that's why I have to tell her and convince her to move in with me.

They told me that I have only a mouth to leave school leave my friends and move out.

How can I possibly do that in a month? 


A month has passed and she agreed to move away.

Today the boys had something special planned I was upset at first but I gave in I put on my white top and pants with blue shoes so that it can match my eye color.

Outside of the hell room(what the boys call it), I heard them arguing at each other.

I walked through the doors and Chris' eyes landed on mine.

The room went silent and ash look my way.

All of us had our white t and pants.

"Ughhhhhhhhh you guys always messing something up now go and change, "I yelled out in frustration.

Chris rolled his eyes in a gay manner and Ash gave me a deaf glare.

We fought for over 30 min till all of us gave up.

"so what you guys have to show me".

"Do you know your magic power?".

I shrugged and they look at each other Chris smirk and before I knew it a fireball came heading my way and hit me.

I cried out in fear hoping that it didn't damage my clothes.

I felt the fire go down my body and disappeared.

"I will help you cool off," before I can say something gallons of water hit me and I was soaked n wet.

I screamed and looked at them with hate.

And of course, Chris was enjoying this while Ash blush.

I ran out of the room to get change but decided to wear all black instead.

When I look in the mirror with my wet clothes my bra and underwear was showing causing a blush on my face.

I got change and ran back to the hell room.

After a couple of hours, we were finished.

Turns out my power was not earth nor air.

I couldn't even lift a sword so levitation out of the question.

The boys grab my hand and before I knew it I was inside a limo.

"Where are we going?" I looked at Chris and he was looking at Ash.

"To a party to celebrate your welcoming"

Bullsh*t why didn't they just tell me I would have put on better clothes.

By the time we got there, it looked like everyone was already there.

A small blush appeared on my face when we walked through the doors and everybody eyes was in us.

I heard people talking about us and our clothes how I am wearing black while they are wearing white and how they can tell I haven't figured out my power yet.

These people seem to talk way too much about the unnecessary shit.

But then again I am part of the lord's nows.

"Let me show you around," Ash grab my hand and pulled me to the closest room.

After our tour, I was facing a white/gray, blue, red and brown sword.

"This is the sword of the element they say that the vampire the can control it is the most powerful vampire of them all and with that power, we can win in any war".


Ash smiled and patted my head.

"Hey Ash" a pretty girl with red hair and white eyes came toward us.

Ash turned to the girl and smiled.

"Hey Ava um this is Maria, Maria this is ava" he smiled and walk away from the conversation.

I waved and she waved back.

"So you must be the new lord or w.e" she smiled and I laugh back.

"So do you think Ash is cute," she said in a low whisper.

I looked at her with a blank face.

And she chucked

"What about Chris I see the way you look at him all the time and for your information he always looks at you," a small blush appeared on my face.

She laughed


"shut up you are embarrassing me".

We were talking for an hour until she left me for Ash rude we had so much in common we are kind of like besties.


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