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Mary's POV

I was tired of school the day had ended. Ethan didn't talk to me at all after the talk we had in the morning .I guess he was busy .

As I headed for my car I got stopped by Grayson.

"What's up Grayson."I say with a small smile .

"Nothing much I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party tonight ."he said with a big ass smile.

"Of course I never miss a party see you there ." I reply .

Then he walks off . Well that's odd .

I head to my car and start driving home . I get out and get in the shower .

I feel fresh and clean my mind is clear .
I go to my closet and look for something to wear I find some cute tommy shorts ,a tommy shirt and a tommy bomber jacket .

I already have my outfit so I go and do my make up .

I finish getting ready and walk out the house looking ight . I pull up to the party and already see drunk teenagers all over the lawn music is playing.

I walk in and get greeted by Grayson.

"Hey Mary glad you made it !"he said in excitement.

"Hey Grayson have you seen Ethan . I want to talk to him ." I tell him .

" yeah he's in his room upstairs to the left with a letter E hanging on it ."he replies whilst drinking whatever is in his cup .

I head upstairs and see his room I open the door only to be shocked.

I see him having sex with Brody white's stuck up bitchy ass girlfriend.

I quickly close the door before they noticed. I mentally gagged .

I go downstairs and head back into my car what's the point of being here anyway. It's just a party .

Next morning

I get up and wear what I had on yesterday since nobody noticed me and in only wore it for about 15 mins .

I get to school only to see Ethan making out with another girl I guess yesterday wasn't enough.

I think he saw me walk in cause he walked he came chasing right behind me .

"Sup Mary how are you doing."he said all agitated from kissing that girl 5 seconds ago .

" alright I guess . How about you ?" I reply but I can't take him serious with all those hickeys on his neck .

"Amazing." He says with enthusiasm.

"So shoving your tongue down someone's throat is amazing I bet ." I said bursting out in laughter.

He looks at me with a serious face.

"Can I tell you a secret." I tell him .

" hell yeah go ahead."he said thinking it was going to be a kiss .

"Suck my dick bitch ." I whisper in his ear .

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