Chapter 1

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QOTD: What was the first story you read on Wattpad?

QOTD: What was the first story you read on Wattpad?

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I slumped down in my chair exhaling a deep breath. "That bad?" I nodded solemnly at Kasey. Her dark chestnut eyes gazed at me in sympathy.

"I told you if you ever just need some money till you can pay me back, that's fine."

As much as I loved her and knew she'd go out of her way for me, I declined like every other time. "I'm thinking about getting another job anyway."

Her eyebrows shot up. "Another? You already work two part time jobs. You don't need another." That point was that I did need it.

After shrugging the topic off she started talking about some boy she's been flirting with since her party last Friday. Kasey was a very outgoing person, very. The things she's done would make your dad blush.

Her clothes showed her outgoing style. Sure, they were short at times but if you've got it, flaunt it. Unlike her I hid myself in my clothing. Hoodies and leggings were always my go to but it wasn't rare to see me in a dress or skirt.

"Hello? Maya?" I blinked when two fingers were snapping in front of my face.

A sheepish smile crossed my face. "Sorry. I zoned out."

She rolled her eyes before throwing her brown locks over her shoulder. "I asked you if you knew the professor."

"Oh." I scrambled to get my schedule out and looked at the name. Mr. Riley. "I've never heard his name before."

"It's a he?" I nodded and watched her smirk to herself. My nose scrunched watching her mind race.

"You're unbelievable."

"What? I'm just thinking."

"Sureeee." I drawled out the 'e' and watched her twirl a pen between her fingers. When I took the hint that she was too caught up in her fantasy I maneuvered my attention to my notebook. I doodled random things waiting for the lesson to start.

Kasey and I came early, I'm sure she was hoping to catch a look at the professor before too many other people got here. She was more than surprised when half the seats were already occupied, so we had to venture to the back where two empty seats were next to each other. Not that I minded the back, people usually divert their attention to the front.

My pencil jutted to the left when Kasey nudged my side. My eyebrows furrowed in a wince when someone flicked my forehead harshly. "What?" I hissed at her. She nodded her head at the front of the room and I followed where she was gesturing to.

My mouth went dry as soon as I saw the professor. I slowly started to sink down in my chair hoping the floor would swallow me whole. "What're you doing? Get up and fix yourself." I glared at Kasey when she started fixing her hair. There was nothing to even fix. Her whole appearance was flawless like always.

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