Randal's parents

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Chapter 16

I looked up at Randal hoping his face could tell me what he was thinking because he sure as hell wasn't saying anything.

Maybe I chose wrong, maybe I was right. Maybe he only asked me to marry him because he was forced to and just maybe he asked me to marry him knowing I would say no and he'd be the good guy while I'd be the bad. Maybe he wasn't saying anything because he's stunned I said yes, but stunned in a good or bad way?

This was so confusing.

"Why'd you hesitate." He spoke in a soft whisper and I felt a bit bad for him.

"I was just thinking about how it would affect us."

Which isn't a total lie.

"Come on be happy, we're engaged. You, me our little baby, we're going to be a family." I put my hand under my bump and put his hand on the top.

You don't love him, you can't marry him.

I ignored my subconscious and pushed away the feeling that I didn't love him. That didn't matter, I was doing it for my baby.

"Who do you want to tell first." He looked like he was feeling better because now on his face was a bright smile.

"Why don't we tell your parents first. You haven't really been talking to them since you moved in with me, I bet you they miss their only child."

"You know my parents aren't too keen to you being pregnant with me kid, I'm not sure how they'll take our engagement."

"It's worth a shot," I shrugged my shoulders. "Why not."

Randal looked at me a bit uneasy, but just responded with a get dressed we're leaving in 10.

Not long after, we were headed to his parents.

I was a bit worried about what his parents would say. I could hardly care about this marriage, but what if they disapproved or said no. That would mean they'd think my baby and I weren't good enough for their son. That would definitely hurt and I'd be more than pissed that they'd didn't want the kid in their family.

"We're here," Randal announced.

The car ride over here got me thinking about the possibilities and now I was extremely nervous to go inside.

"It's going to be okay." Randal tried once again to reassure me before he knocked on the front door.

"What if they disapprove," I whined.

At least the talk about me being pregnant is long gone.

"Oh what a nice surprise Clover honey." Randal's mom pulled me into a hug.

"Mom, dad Clover and I have to tell you something."

"Well if your telling us Clover's pregnant we already know." Randal's dad joked, his wife started laughing and they laughed among themselves.

Once they stopped laughing, his mom guided us into the living area and then disappeared into the kitchen to get some snacks.

"Clover we have your favorite snack and a few extra bags stowed away since we'd hope you'd be visiting, and for my little kin I have a grilled cheese sandwich. Enjoy." Randal's mom smiled as she sat next to her husband.

They are really caring and supportive, why would I possible think they'd say no or disown Randal.

"So uh mom back to what we were saying earlier," Randal said after he had taken a couple bites of his sandwich.

I was happily munching away on my Cheetos, but stopped and straightened myself out when I heard him speak.

Here it comes.

"Mom, dad I proposed to Clover," Randal let out.

I watched their expression and it didn't really change in fact it was as if they were waiting for more.

Oh right the most important piece of that information has yet to reach their ears.

"I said yes," I finished for Randal.

Mr. And Mrs. Duncan jumped up from their place on the couch and went over to hug us both.

"Oh my wee baby is finally making an honest women out of Clover. Isn't it great honey," Mrs. Duncan gushed.

I was extremely happy to be apart of this wonderful supportive family and even more happy that they had accepted me and the baby.

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