3 Signs he likes you [Karma Akabane]

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I want to fix up this book so its easier to read, I think I'll start editing //lies// like tbh I'll never really edit this book. I just care about the content I publish, if the work I have published is there than its fine.

Uhhh... So wattpad has been very glitchy for me and I'm trying my best to upload my works. There will be some delays and stuff like that. I might need to upload on DeviantArt if this continues.

Wattpad has a very big history of deleting my writing many times and I'm scared that my work will get deleted.

Some words have been changed to fit in *cough* New York City- *cough* Anyways, had to combine requests, nothing life changing.

So many things have happened while I was away, sorry for the hiatus I needed a break which actually has helped me. I'm so excited to publish these chapters. School holidays are going to end. I'm learning Japanese which is going to be exciting already memorized the hiragana by heart in like two weeks.

I've been binging Sherlock. (The 2010 BCC Version.) Whoops- It's so friggen good like the crimes and mystery is amazing. Reading the books right now and I'm treating my year right. Ahahaha. Sherlock Holmes is like amazing if anybody watches it, I'm up for some fangirling lmao. I have to start season 3 & 4 but i don't have netflix qwq. 

I made this fanfic based on the MEP (Multi Editor Project??) and so uhhh warning contains all kinds of ships. YAOI, YURI?, STRAIGHT. Anyways, you get the idea and nothing bad or graphic but boys kissing? (Which I find okay.) Please don't watch if you feel uncomfortable but the MEP is BEAUTIFUL. May contain anime spoilers if you want to watch that anime, if you have sCREAM.


Requested by: Everybody who wants a Karma x Reader

Recommended: Listen to the music by itself first (recommended with all my song fic) to get a feel of the song and then read the fanfic. 

>>I'm doing you a favour<<


To be young and in love in Tokyo City
To not know who I am but still know that I'm good long as you're here with me

Kayano and Okuda were busy talking about the weekends. You sat next to Kayano zoning out. Personally, you didn't find what she was talking about interesting. You gave a small yawn, covering your mouth.

"Nurufufufu!" Koro~sensei laughed zooming into the classroom through the window.

"Sensei? Do you have to do that everytime?" Kanzaki gestured at the small twigs and leaves that had fallen into the classroom.

"The dramatic entrance!" The teacher beamed.

To be drunk and in love in TokyoCity
Midnight into morning coffee
Burning through the hours talking

"Anyways, continue to chat I need to hide from the boys."

The boys were busy trying to assassinate Koro~sensei while the girl were busy being lazy and chatting.

"So what I was saying," Kayano continued.

"Here is the magazine if you want to read it, you look bored Y/N."

"Thanks, Kurahashi."

Flipping through the magazine, one page in particular caught your attention.

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