Not I

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I push her off me and try to run before she jumped on my shoulders, before forcing me into the ground. She stands up still facing me with her gun pointed at me. I also stand up facing her with my gun also pointed. I look at her, then around the room. What are we doing?


"Baby, please" he says looking at me.
I shook my head strongly abstaining his words.
He sighs and drops his gun along with his hands on his side.
"What are you doing?" I ask softening my tone.
"Come on! Fight me" I spit raising my voice a bit.
"I'm not going to hurt you" He retorts.
I could feel myself weakening from his words but raise my stance refusing to give in.

The atmosphere of the room was ear splitting the silent with the ringing buzzing through my ears.
adjusting the gun in the sweaty palm of my hand, I realized my grip was loosening. Suddenly, the gun was slapped away from me and my body being pressed back as a pair of warm lips crash into mine.

The cold numbness that I was used to, turned into a unfamiliar warm feeling that sent Bolts down my spine and all over my body

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The cold numbness that I was used to, turned into a unfamiliar warm feeling that sent Bolts down my spine and all over my body. My stomach turned, in a good way. What is this feeling? His lips were soft, as they clashed onto mine. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I jumped with him catching me with perfect timing as I snake my legs around his waist.

As his lips move away from mine, leaving them cold and exposed. "You should tell me to stop" he whispers into my ear. "You and I both know that's not what you want" I reply softly into his ear.
He chuckled lightly before placing his lips back on mine. They seemed to fit perfectly and they mingled around on mine.

His tongue pressed onto the crease of my lips, asking for permission. I decline this request and could feel him groan. His lips turn into a smirk as he bites onto my bottom lip, pulling back before releasing it.
"Really?" I ask cocking an eyebrow.

"Told You I'd bite that lip of yours." He replies before putting me down. I chuckle a little at his comment before the sides of my lips drop into a frown.
"Why would you do that!" I exclaim hitting him on the chest, him still behind shirtless.
"What" he shrugs.
"I'm suppose to kill you" I respond crossing my arms and pouting. "I don't think you want to do that, now do you?" He asks wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I guess you can live a bit longer" I respond with a smug look on my face.
"I don't know if I should thank you, or be offended" He snickers. I started into those jade orbs of his a bit too long. Realizing I looked like a creep looking at him like that, I broke the comfortable silence and responded.

"Alright, I'm going home. Bye Cole" I perk up removing myself from his grasp.
"Your kidding right?" He asks looking at me.
"What?" I ask. He throws his arms around to his house. "Oh" I remark looking at his damaged house. "Sorry" I add. "You can go to your gang house until you find a new place" I recite.
He looks at me with his head tilted and a grin creeping onto his lips.
"I have a place I can stay"


"Not happening" I yell looking at my house from my bike. I followed behind his car as he drove all the way to my house.
"You owe me" he replies getting out the car.
Shooting dagger at him, he stares back at me mimicking my glare.......Until I broke.
"Fineeeee" I drag getting off my bike.

"Hey Tana.... and Cole" Ray says looking from the t.v
"Sick, you have assassins creed. I want next game" Cole excites. "Sure" Ray says getting up from the junk food infested floor.
Cole sits down in her spot and grabs a remote.
"I thought you were going to kill him" Ray asks with a sneaky grin on her face.
"Fineeee. You might have been right" I admit as she cheers with a smug expression.

"But why is he here?" She ask.
"I may or may not have destroyed his house in the process" I muttered. "Of course you did" She exhausts.
"Welp, I'm gonna go change and when I come back, I'm destroying you in the game"
"Yeah Whatever" She says walking over to Cole.

Before playing the game, I decided to clean up my wound. I got stabbed after all. Once I returned, me and Ray started playing the game.

"Can I ask you something?" Ray says.
"Um sure" I reply pausing the game.
"Do you like my sister?" She asks.
"You guys are related?" I reply.
"No, but I consider her as my sister, and if you break her heart any more than it already is, I'm coming for you. And unlike her, I will get the job done" she spit giving me a cold glare.
"Trust me, I have no intention of doing that" I assure her. "Good" she perks going back to the game.

"I'm here!" Tana pops approaching us with Nutella and crackers in her hand.
"I still can't believe you eat that" I comment.
"If your not the one consuming this deliciousness, don't worry about it" she fired back before sitting in between me and Ray.
"Alright, who's ready to take a L?" She asks taking a hold of the control.

"Not I" Ray remarks getting back into the game.

The rest of the night, we all played video games and Katana surprisingly won most of the time.
"I'm going to bed, it's 3 in the morning" Ray says as she stretches.
"Me too" Katana agrees also standing up.
She walks up the stairs and I follow behind her into her room.

"What are you doing?" She asks crossing her arms.
"We're going to sleep rose. Come on" I reply taking off my shirt and jeans since I sleep in my boxers.
"Good luck with that" she says walking into her closet.


I went to the closet and changed into some pajamas. I knew I couldn't wear my under wear to sleep because I knew he would give up on the thought of sleeping in my room. So, I decided to wear a different set of pajamas. After changing, I come out and look at him laying on my bed.
"I had a feeling you weren't going to leave" I admit looking over at him.
Patting a spot on the bed, He tells me to sit down. I surprisingly obey and turn off the light, laying on the bed.


"Goodnight beautiful"

And with that, I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around me before I feel asleep.

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