Instagram Workout

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Hi there, Perfect Imperfections! Ok, I found this chapter absolutely adorable. It's a fun way to workout, the Instagram way! For everything you put up on IG, you have to do a workout!

seflie: 30 sec plank

tutorial: 10 sit ups

funny: drink of water

food: 10 push ups

object: 10 sec superman

video: 10 jumping jakcs

hair/outfit: 5 lunges

place: 10 leg lifts

celebrity: 30 sec wall sit

art: 10 bicycle sit ups

tropical: 15 toe touches

animal: 10 Russian twists

convo: 5 push ups

group picture: 15 sit ups

You don't actually have to do any of these workouts, but I thought it would be cute to put as a chapter. Plus, it's easy to type. My hands are really cramping up because this will be the tenth chapter I've typed in the last four hours. As always, if you have a wattpad account, remember to vote and comment on my Guide!

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