Julia's P.O.V

I woke up. Excited that I'm moving from Ireland to Cheshire. Mom and Dad got divorced 2 days ago so my dad and Niall, my brother, and I are moving since mum wants the house. Dad is the best dad ever. He let me go out anywhere whenever. Within reason. My dad was rich because he owns Jack Wills (not really its just in the story-Cookie.Styles)and he works 6 days a week so he earns....... alot.

Niall and I were packed and ready to go. Mum was crying in the lounge room because we chose dad over her. We both (me and Niall) promised that we would visit every now and then. "Guys, well Niall and Julia, I'm going to miss you. Please stay in touch" She begged/said. "Of course we will. Don't wreck my room walls please. It took me ages to paint" I said. I was a straight A student but I didn't brag about it because it's quite rude.

We left for the airport because we were 1st class since dad was rich. *blushes writing about rich people Cookie.Styles*When we got there we did all of the things we had to do then waited.

Flight 109 is now boarding.

We boarded and left for London. When we landed we all went and grabbed our suit cases. "Well it's a new start. Since its the start of school year, you can try to find friends and maybe find loooooooooove." My dad said singing the last word in a funny voice. Both Niall and I cracked up laughing and couldn't stop. When we reached the car, we knew it was a long drive so I plugged my headphones into my white iPhone 3.(Yeah I know its old but just don't want the characters to be robots in 2 months. If you know what I mean Cookie.Styles)

White lips,pale face,breathing in snowflakes.

The A Team by Ed Sheeran started playing and it was a sad/happy song. We arrived at our house and it was MASSIVE.When dad unlocked the door I shouted "I shall have the biggest room!" I heard Niall groan and he said "I bags second biggest room." We both ran upstairs, since the house was already full offurniture. "OH KIDS, YOU START SCHOOL TOMORROW." shouted dad. Since I wasn't tired, I unpacked my bag and placed everything where it belonged.

By the time I finished unpacking, it was 10:30 so I put my pj's on, set my alarm on my phone and fell asleep.

Beep Beep Beep..... Beep Beep Beep

The lovely sound of my alarm. Luckily I set my alarm for 6:00 so I have plenty of time to get ready. I heard the coffee machine downstairs in the kitchen so dad must of woken up. I didn't know what time school started. "Morning dad, what time does school start?" "Morning sweetie. School starts at 8:00. There are no uniforms and they have a canteen so you don't need any lunch from here."

"Okay. Thanks dad hope you enjoy your coffee" I said with a smile

I walked upstairs and took a nice long shower. I used my coconut shampoo and conditioner and washed my body with apple and cinnamon body wash. I dried my self off, wrapped the towel around me and got changed into this(http://www.polyvore.com/julias_school_outfit/set?id=51696478 ) .It was 7:00 so I decided to wake up little Nialler.

I walked into his room and shouted into his ear "GET UP SLEEPING BEAUTY!!!!!" He jumped up knocking me over on to the floor scratching my cheek on a pointy charm that his friend gave him.

"Ow oh god that really hurt" I said putting my hand up to my cheek collecting blood.

"Oh my gosh, Julia are you okay? I didn't mean for that to happen...." he said.

"No its okay Nialler. Just a bandage will do the trick. I'll meet you downstairs. Okay?"

" Okay just make sure you tell dad the truth."

"I will." I went down stairs and asked dad where the bandages were. "What happened to your cheek?" "Oh Niall accedentally knocked me off his bed and I cut my cheek on his lucky charm. It's fine" He gave me a decent looking bandage and let me off.

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