African Love-Chapter 15

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Here is chapter 15 enjoy!. This chapter i dedicated to @ayeits_nanee she was the one to tell me to do Tristan's point of view!

Chapter 15

Tristan's POV

I couldn't stop thinking about what Leylani and Rachel told me in the RV. Does my dad really hate his family?. Why would he want to do something this stupid?. I went into the RV to get the tents out and my dad stops me.

"Hey, son we haven't done this in so long if feels like only yesterday you were crying about us leaving" he said laughing a little

"Do you love mom?" I asked bluntly

"Yes, why?" he looked at me confused

"Would you ever cheat on her with someone else?"

"Why of course not, Tristan what's going on?" he looked agitated

"I was just wondering because you've been getting home pretty late at night"

"I would never is there something going on that I don't know about?"

"No, but If you every do anything to hurt mom or anyone that I care about I will personally hurt you!" I said and noticed that he caught on to my quote.

We got done building the tent within two hours and it was still pretty light out. I walked over to go and start the grill for the food, I didn't trust my dad to make anything because Rachel was here. Sarah and Jake got back with fire wood and my dad helped them make a fire. The girls still weren't back and I was pretty anxious to see Leylani.

"We're back!" my mom said

"And we brought food!" Leylani said. She is just so beautiful

I glanced at her and smiled she smiled back. She handed me the fish and I asked Jake to help me clean it. He denied it but I made him anyway. The girls were talking about girlie things and my dad was on the phone. How can he be on the phone if there is no phone reception out here?.

"Hey Rachel, Ley can I see you for a sec?"

They came over in an instant.

"What's up?" Rachel commented

"Can I talk to you guys in here for a quick sec"

"Sure" they both said. I asked Jake to watch the fish while I went and talked with the girls really fast.

"How come dad can't do it?" he whined

"What!" I yelled a little

"Fine" he went over and watched the food. As I walked in the RV I locked it and closed all the windows.

"What's going on?" Leylani asked. They were sitting on the chairs next to the booth. Before I sat down I kissed Leylani and then proceeded to tell the story.

"Woah, what was that about" Rachel said smiling at Leylani

"I'll tell you later" Leylani told her in a whisper thinking I couldn't hear.

"OK, so I was out with my dad right and I asked him If he loved my mom, I knew It was a lie right away because he wanted to know badly of why I asked the question.."

"So" Rachel said

"I'm not finished..anyway I then asked him if he would ever cheat on her. Then he got all angry and I just saw him on the phone a few minutes ago"

"How is he on the phone if there is no reception out here" Leylani asked with her beautiful voice

"I don't know but I'm going to find out"

"When we need to know now!" Rachel said looking scared

"Don't worry he's not going to hurt you" I said

"How do you know I'm out in the middle of nowhere with his family"

"Hold that thought" Leylani said getting up and exiting the RV.

Rachel and I shot right up and watched as Leylani walked over to my dad.

"What is she doing?" Rachel said a little scared

"I don't know, but let's wait til she get's back" I said rubbing her back gently. I never said I didn't want to be her friend. But she still gets on my nerves

All done I decided to do an update this is how much a could do because I'm still doing finals. Anyways hope you enjoyed!. Comment, Vote, and Share


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