The final boss

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It felt like logging into ALO, GGO...but in this case thanks to Yuna somehow, were back in SAO...and this time were gonna defeat the final boss of Aincrad...I can't believe it's possible now.

Me, Agil, Lisbeth and Silica all headed right into the final bosses' room.

My eyes widened. The boss was huge. The eyes lit up a red color and the name was <<An Incarnation of Radius>>.  6 health bars...crap.

We all landed on the ground the boss came to life instantly and started to attack us.

I moved out of the way swiftly, Agil blocked the attack saving both Silica and Lisbeth.

I had to come up with some quick plan..but looks like we'll have no time for it. Especially with how quick this boss is.

The boss attacked again using some kind of magic, and we all evaded it again..but this time, I saw an opening. I took out my sword and attacked the boss in its face then switched with Agil. He attacked it with his big hammer and then Silica and Lisbeth both attacked together.

It got one HP bar down, but a huge tree appeared over the boss and healed itself Completely. Dang it...

"Man it's gonna take forever to kill this thing." Agil muttered.

"We have to try." I say as I clenched my fists. We can't give up now.

Lisbeth and Silica both attacked the monster head on, but Silica got whacked to the side bad. Agil headed in angry and attacked the monster on the head. The boss grabbed both Agil, Lisbeth and Silica and started to squeeze them against the walls. I headed in quickly to attack, but the boss stopped me in my tracks and pushed me against the wall as well.

I felt so helpless. Until all of a sudden...

Someone attacked the boss.


{3rd Person}

Kirito kept his eyes on a girl in green appear.

Silica suddenly fell after the boss let go of her and Sinon quickly headed down to grab Silica in her arms as they fell.

"Sinon!" Kirito yells as he swiftly sprinted to get to her side.

"Sinon..I'm So sorry...for what happened earlier thinking that boss dragon was Pina...I slowed you down.." Silica mumbled. Sinon shook her head and smiled softly at her.

"Its alright don't worry about that now." She reassured her.

"Sinon, are you sure you are alright to be here?" Kirito asked her concerned and she simply nodded.

"Okay. Only thing though, this boss can easily heal itself using a droplet from a tree and the HP bars go back full if that happens." Kirito explained.

"So we simply need to attack it before that happens." Sinon said with a smirk.

"Hey! You guys attacking without us?" A familiar voice in green asked with a smile on her face. Leafa came.

Yui popped out in her pixie form.

"Mama! Papa! Everyone! I brought a lot of help!! And here!" Yui shouts as she throws a giant ball of light in the air. Kirito's outfit changes to his original SAO black swordsman outfit with two swords, Sinon was also in her original SAO outfit, but with teal hair..She also had her hecate and her bow. Silica was in her red form as was Klein who now appeared and Lisbeth and Agil.

"Lets get this party officially started!" Klein smirked. Kirito nodded.

"Lets go!" Kirito yelled.

Kirito and Klein did a double attack on the boss which made it yell in pain, then switched with Silica using Pina, Lisbeth and Agil to attack at once.

Leafa and her friends all flew around the boss and slashed at it perfectly.

The boss yelled in pain again. A giant tree appeared over it, but before the drop could touch the boss, Sinon used her hecate to blow bullets in the bosses face, then used her bow with four arrows and lit them up with ice, fire, lightning and wind and let them all fly at once. The boss fell back in the attack.

"Daddy, attack it now! It's weak!" Yui commanded. Kirito nodded and headed straight in with both his swords in his hands and attacked the boss head on again.

The boss was down to one HP now.

"Everyone! All attack now!" Kirito yelled and everyone yelled back in agreement.

Leafa flew with 4 others behind her slashing at it, Silica used Pina to use freeze on it, Agil, Klein and Lisbeth attacked right after.

Sinon used 6 arrows and shot all of them at the boss which made the boss lose its eyesight and Kirito ran right in evading any attacks the boss has left and did the final blow by getting it all slashed up.

The boss finally bursted into colorful fragments in front of everyone.

Everyone all disappeared back to the stadium.

Kazuto awoke and shook his arms a little.

"Yuna, sing your original song." Kazuto said. Yuna nodded. She closed her eyes and stepped up on stage and started to sing. All of a sudden, a black swordsman appeared just like Yuna did. The swordsman went around and attacked all of the bosses and killed them all by his hands with no problem. He turned to everyone with his name..Kirito appearing then disappeared. As if he was never there.

Yuna finished her song and smiled softly.

"I to sing on stage.." She mutters to herself, then also disappears.

Eiji snuck in the stadium seeing her leave.

"Yuna..." he whispers with tears coming down his face. A white butterfly flys around him and he smiles a little.

Shino held onto Kazuto's hand.

"Well, looks like our work is done. Think I'm gonna call it a night. How about you guys?" Kazuto asks.

"Yeah sounds good to me. All of that fighting sure wore me out." Shino agreed.

"Then I know just the thing to help you, me and Yui to relax." Kazuto whispers to her and Shino's eyes widened.

"Oh! You're right I almost forgot."

Yuna appeares right in front of Kazuto and Shino holding some small little ball of light.

"Thank you, you guys. You saved everyone. And Shino-san..this is for you." Yuna held the ball of light out to Shino. She put her Augma on again and the light went right back into the headset as she closes her eyes.

Yuna then disappears again.

Shino opened her eyes and smiled softly at Kazuto.

"Are..your memories back?" He asked.

"There all coming back..finally." Shino beams.

Kazuto took her by the hand and scooped her into his arms.

"Well, sorry guys. But me, Shino and Yui are having a family outing. See you guys later!" Kazuto ran off with Shino in his arms.

"Hey! Wait!" Rika stomped her foot in irritation, but Tsuboi put a hand on her shoulder.

"Let em go. and I have a date as well." Tsuboi smirks which makes Rika blush slightly.

Suguha, Keiko, Andrew, Tsuboi and Rika all headed out of the stadium together.


A/N:Okies So I didn't do the whole boss scene detailed, but hey least I got this chapter done finally. 😂😅 l😧 whelp after this it is one more chapter and I'm done with this story! Thanks for all who were reading and enjoying my stories! More to come soon when I can think of some good ones! ^-^ stay tuned!


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