- Chapter 7 -

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When I opened my eyes, I saw Chaeyoung and Mr. Wang looking at me. They both carried a concerned look and immediately, I heard Chaeyoung's voice. 

"Dahyun! You're awake!"

 I gave her a weak smile before sitting up.

 "I'm fine." I looked around and noticed that I was in the school nurse.

 "Kim Dahyun, I told you to be careful. How did you not see the basketball?"

 I lowered my head

 "Sorry Mr. Wang. I should have been more cautious... I'm also sorry for worrying both of you. I'm really fine now. What's the time?"

 I stood up to get ready to leave. I realized that both of my ears were fine now.

 "2:45 pm. There are 5 minutes left of school" Mr. Wang responded.

 "You guys should just stay here for a few minutes then leave. I'll tell your teachers that you guys will be fine."

 I gave Mr. Wang a smile.

 "Thank you Mr. Wang. Next PE class, I'll make sure to bring my PE kit."

 The teacher left so Chaeyoung and I was left in the nurse together. 

"I'm sorry for wasting your class time. We should wait for 5 minutes then go to JYP.".

"Okay Dahyun. You worried me so much. Are you sure you're okay? You shouldn't hide anything if you got hurt.". 

I chuckled 

"I'm 100% fine Chaeyoung. When I got hit by the ball, my left ear muffled, but now I'm back to normal."

 Staying relaxed seems to help Chaeyoung worry less and calm down.

 "Okay then.".

Chaeyoung and I were chatting about how our first day of school went.

"I had so much trouble making new friends Dahyun. I was so lonely and bored but at least I don't have a classmate like Park Jihyun".

 I sighed.

 "You really should be careful of her unnie..." Chaeyoung seems to agree with my thoughts. 

"Yeah I should be careful"

 As I finished talking, the bell rang, signaling that it was the end of school. Chaeyoung and I both stood up without telling each other.

 "Let's go now. To JYP."

We went out of the school gate to catch a bus to ride to the main JYP building. I was nervous not only because of meeting PD-nim but also thinking of what to say and how to explain the problem.

 'What if he gets disappointed with me? What if he changes his mind on sending me to high school? What would happen if I a-' I got out of my thoughts after Chaeyoung spoke.

 "Dahyun are you okay? The bus is here." 

I looked at the bus arrive and turn to look at Chaeyoung.

 "Oh, I see. Let's go."

We arrived in front of the building and it only took about half an hour to get here from Hanlim High School. We went in the building and asked the lady sitting on the front desk to tell us where PD-nim was. 

She said "2nd floor, recording room#3. Make sure you don't disturb him too much because he's working on Got7's new title song."

 We thanked the lady and made our way up to JYP PD-nim.

We entered the recording room and immediately saw JYP sitting on his chair. He had a serious face on so Chaeyoung and I waited until he noticed us. 

"Oh hi guys! Why are you here? Do you have something to talk about?"

Chaeyoung seemed nervous like me, so I decided to continue the conversation. 

"Um... yeah, we do have to talk about something. It's about school, and there is a problem we're facing."

 JYP looked concerned 

"Oh, is there something or someone bothering you guys?" 

This time, Chaeyoung started speaking. 

"PD-nim, people in our school are starting to realize that we are JYP trainees. We came here to tell you since we know that you don't want us to be revealed as much as possible." 

He seemed a little shocked but wanted to ask some questions. 

"Oh, I see. How do you if people know it?"

I was trying my best to be careful while telling him about what happened.

"there were people in my class that started whispering about it and I heard what they were talking about. Then later on, one of my classmate shouted it out in the middle of the school hallway."

Instead of getting disappointed or mad, he gave us a warm smile. 

"It's okay guys. You don't have to worry about it. It's not even your fault since you didn't talk about it."

I was so relieved that he understood us without any negativity. Chaeyoung and I looked at each other, and smiled.

"I also have a temporary solution that will help the problem from increasing."

We looked at JYP with a curious face that showed 'What is it?'.

"I decided that you two can move into a house near Hanlim High School."

We were both shocked.

"I think living in the JYP trainee dorms will be more dangerous for getting exposed since you'll have to go there after school every day. It will be easier for people to notice who you are."

I couldn't believe that I will live with Chaeyoung alone. I was super excited yet worried at the same time.

"From now on, I'll add another 'rule' for you guys." JYP continued.

"You will have to wear masks from now on to cover parts of your face."

I agree but Chaeyoung asked

"It seems like a great idea, but what if we catch more attention because of the masks? Since mostly idols or actors wear it."

JYP chuckled

"You don't have to worry about that. It's almost winter."

I smiled and asked JYP

"So... when are we going to move to a new house?"

"I'll make sure to get a place ready so you guys can move in tomorrow after school. So you guys should start packing your stuff today."

Chaeyoung and I were super excited to move to a new place. The dorm we lived in currently was too small for all the trainees to fit in. I was also quite sad since I couldn't live with the rest of the trainees but I still had Chaeyoung with me.

We packed our bags until 11 pm. I wondered where we will move to and who our neighbors would be. 

'I can't wait until tomorrow' I thought as I fell asleep. 

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