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Author P.O.V

"No! I don't wanna do it. And you can't make me!" A 13 years old girl yelled at her Grandfather. "But you have to, Y/N! It's your duty as a princess! To join both kingdom, you have to marry that prince!" Her grandfather, the King... said. She looks at her father in a pleading way. But he just looks away. Her face turns into an angry one as she slams her hand to the table, startling everyone. "Well... I don't ask to be a princess, do I? I'm not even a princess yet. There's still dad, he's the prince!Beside I'm only 13. I can't get married. There's still a lot of things I wanna do. I'm not getting married and you can't make me!" She yells and got up of the seat and leave.


I don't wanna get married. I'm gonna leave this castle. I wanna start fresh as a normal person. Not being in a castle as a princess. Besides I hated here. I want an adventure and I know what I'll do. I'll be a ninja. What my family didn't know is that I have an ability. I have the potential to be a ninja. But I'm different, I didn't need the use of chakra. But I can still get tired if I fight for too long.

I walk towards my room and take out a map. I lay it out flat. I trace out the direction that I'm gonna go.

'Done!' I thought happily. Then I start packing. I pack everything I need for the journey. Once I'm done with all that, I took out a piece of paper and start writing a farewell note. I'm never coming back to this place... Ever.

I put on my hoodie and cover my head, so no one would notice me. Then I walk over to the window. I look back to my room and smile a little "goodbye... Everyone" I turn around fully, then I jump out of the window and starts running away. No body notice my departure... Good.

Village Hidden in the Leave... Here I come!


In a beautiful day... The sun is giving off a nice heat. Somewhere in a village hidden in the leave is where ninjas live.

Outside the Gate

There's a girl with h/c and e/c. She's approaching the gate. She's hoping she could live here in this village.

When she reach the gate. She notice the two guard in-charge of guarding duty in the gate. The two guard is asleep. She sweat-dropped.


'Is that the guards? I'm surprise this village isn't run down by bandits'  I thought, as I drop some sweat at the sight of the two guards. I turn my attention towards the village in front of me. I smile 'I'm sure there will be a great ninja in there' I thought.

I turn my attention back to the sleeping guards. I approach them slowly. "Um... Excuse me, sir?" I call out gently. I don't wanna startle them. They'll think I'm an intruder and attack me. They jump out of shock and look around alert. I sweat-dropped "I could've sworn I woke you guys gently" I say.

The two guards turn to me. They laugh nervously. "Hehehe... *clear throat* anyway... What can we help you with?" One of them asks. "Can I know your names, for starter?" I asks. They smile "sure I'm Izumo... And he's Kotetsu" one of them said and points to the other guy. I smile "I'm Y/N L/N... I'd like to ask for a request to be a citizen here" I said, bowing slightly. I can tell them my name because grandpa haven't announce me to the public yet. So no one knows about me.

They agree and shows me the way to the Hokage office. I followed behind them silently. But I do talk with them, if they try to get me to talk.

After a while of walking. We finally arrived at the Hokage office. Izumo-Nii knock on the door and wait until a faint sound of 'come in' is heard from the other side of the door.

Izumo opens the door and we enters the room. "What is your business here" said whom I assume is the Hokage. Izumo bow and moves aside so I'll be in the Hokage's view. "This little girl... Would like to request for a permission to stay here, Hokage-sama" Izumo said.

The Hokage dismiss them and they left. He turns his attention to me. He told me that I could stay under one condition. I have to enter the academy and be a ninja to gain my own income. That's exactly what I'm here for. So I agree. He gave me a key to an apartment and I bow then leave the office after saying thank you.

The Next Day

It will be my first day in the academy. I'm pretty nervous, since this will be the first time I'm going around without any guards following me.

The Hokage came early in the morning. Lucky I'm all ready. Wouldn't want to keep him waiting. Then we left my apartment and start heading to the academy.

After 20 minutes of walking we finally gets there. From afar I can already hear the sound of yelling. "That must be Iruka... He's gonna be your sensei" Hokage said. He opens the door and the class immediately fall silent.

"A-ah... Hokage-sama... What brings you here?" Said a guy with spiky hair and a scar running across his nose. "Iruka... I've come with a new student that will be joining us today" Hokage said. He moves aside so Iruka could see me.

Hokage left not long after that. Iruka turns to me and smile "why don't you introduce yourself to your new friends?" He asks. I smile "sure!" I turn to the class. All the girls are glaring at me. The boys is staring at me with heart eyes. I sweat-dropped and brushed it off. I smile brightly at them. "Hi! I'm Y/N L/N. Please to meet you all" I said.

Naruto P.O.V

'A new student? Tch. Probably she'll be another fan girl of Sasuke-teme' I thought as I look up to the new student and instantly blush. She's gorgeous. She's a lot prettier than Sakura-Chan. I hope she won't be a fangirl of Sasuke. I want her to be my Friend... Or maybe something more. 'Aish snap out of it... You don't even know her yet' I mentally scold myself. I keep on staring at her as she doesn't seem to notice. Iruka-sensei told her to take a seat. The only available seat is next to me or next to Sasuke.

She looks at the two available seat and her eyes landed on the one next to me. I was shocked when she walks up and took a seat next to me. She turns to me and smile "I'm Y/N... But I've already introduce myself" she said, giggling slightly. I blushed "I'm Uzumaki Naruto" I said. She's different... Maybe she will be my friend.


Iruka-sensei told them they are gonna do a transformation jutsu, because of a kid called Naruto missed it yesterday. Groans of annoyance can be heard throughout the room. Except me, a blue haired girl and a guy with a duck butt hair.

One by one student came forward to perform their jutsu. Then it's my turn. "Sensei... She's new here! How can she possibly do a jutsu" I look up to see a girl with bubble gum pink hair. I smirk and walk forward. My hands is in my pocket as I transform into a guy.

(You're right... It's mystique from X-Men. Hehe. Sorry... But I just wanna make a different)

Everyone's eyes widened at the sight. "As you can see, bubblegum. This is how I perform a technique. I may not be a shinobi... But I have ability" I said. She glares at me "I'm not Bubblegum! My name is Sakura... Sa-ku-ra. Remember that" I just roll my eyes. Then walk back to my seat.

The rest of the day went by normally. I'm heading home once the class is over. It's starting to get late. "*yawn* I'm so tired" I said to myself. So I prepare myself for bed, once I'm done I flop onto the bed and falls asleep instantly.

*to be continued*

A/N: new story is here!!! I hope you enjoy this one too. I know I keep making new story... But I love making them... So bare with me. I'll keep updating the others, don't worry about that. Thank you for reading and stay tune for more chapters... Bye!!!

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