Scene 1

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Location: Science class (Hallway or a teacher's classroom)

People: Malia, Shenis, Amy, Sofia T, Ms. Jackson, Byron

Scene: Malia and Shenis (Desiray and Violette) are in an unsupervised class room (the teacher went out to get something), so they decide to have some fun with science.

Ms. Jackson: All right class, settle down. I'll be gone for a while and I expect you guys to be on your best behavior by the time I get back.

*Squints eyes at Violette and Desiray* (Malia and Shenis)

Desiray: *Glances at Violette and smirks. Then looks back at teacher* Don't worry we won't do anything stupid.

Violette: Yeah. What she said. *Nods head arrogantly*

Ms. Jackson walks out of the room. As soon as she walks out, Violette follows and stays by the door.

Violette: *Checks the hallways for the teacher, then look back at Desiray with a small smile and a thumbs up*

Violette walks back to Desiray and begins discussing a new science video she saw on YouTube.

 Desiray: Okay, tell me again what the hell you were talking about?

*Violette frowns in confusion*

Desiray: You know? The thing with the test tubes and stuff... *Hand motions (holding a tube)*

*Violette face lights up and a smile began spreading across her face.*

 Violette: Yeah! Well, I was on YouTube right? Well, I came across this thing with science lab coats and stuff.

Desiray: Why would you be watching that?

Violette: Shut up, it looked interesting, okay? Now let me go on with my story. *Sighs dramatically* As I was saying. Turns out we can make a legit smoke screen using whatever these things are. *Holds up random test tubes filled with fake chemicals*

Desiray: Oh. Okay, cool. Just tell me what to do.

 *After finishing the experiment*

Violette: Well, it looks...interesting...*Grimaces*

Desiray: Are you sure we did this... thing *Holds up test tube* right...?

Violette: The heck should I know. I mean, probably. We followed the instructions... *looks down at the test tube, observing with a confused face* 

Desiray: What instructions?! You never gave me any stupid instructions!

Violette: This! *Points to temple* Is all we need. *Say cockily*

Desiray: *Look at Violette flatly* Violette, you're a moron.

Violette: Hey! *Place hand on chest* For your information I ha-

The door bursts open and enters Zinnia. Zinnia urgently gestures both Desiray and Violette to her because she needs to talk to them.

Violette: What do you want? *Say flatly*

Zinnia: I need to talk to you guys. *Says urgently/seriously*

Violette: No. Go away.