Chapter 9

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Adrian’s POV

Finally I was home. For the last two months I have been going from pack to pack ‘getting to know’ them. I think everyone knows the real reason why my dad, the Alpha, sent me on a trip across the whole goddamn United States. It’s because I’m eighteen years old and I have yet to find my mate. I know she is out there I can just feel it in my gut.

No matter where I went she wasn’t there. I really want to meet her soon, I know she has to be beautiful and wonderful, but I also feel like she will be very powerful.

Anyway out of the depressing thoughts on the fact I haven’t found her and back to the present. I got home last night and my dad told me about the new girl. She seems nice enough, well at least I thought that until I asked Harry about her later that night.

We were hanging out in the living room of the pack house along with Chris and Erin when I mentioned if they had met the new girl and Harry went off.

“Met her? Hell yeah we did she works at the shop with us and is awesome with cars and bikes. She is one smoking hot babe and to top it all off she has an amazing voice. Want to know why I hate her?” Before I could even open my mouth to reply he started again getting louder and louder as he went. “Because she’s a bitch thats why. At first she was kind of quiet but then we got her to warm up to us and we started hanging out and her and Gabby became awesome right? Wrong. All of a sudden she just stops talking to us completely. It had Gabby in tears think it was her fault. I hate her for that.”

Usually Harry is the happy go lucky type of guy but you mess with his mate you were dead to him. I just had to know so I asked “why’d she do it?” I was met with total silence as they looked to each other hoping the other would answer.

Finally with a sigh Erin gave in “She called us extra baggage saying she didn’t need us,” what the hell is this girls problem I was about to say as much before Erin continued, it seemed like these guys did not really feel like letting me talk tonight “and the worst part of it was that I don’t think she felt any remorse at all.”

“Wow I hate this girl and I haven’t even met her yet.” I was really shocked, I mean why would she have gotten close to them in the first place. I was so into my own thoughts I almost missed the fact that Chris had said something. “I’m sorry what was that?”

“Don’t hate her, none of us should.” We all stared at him like he was crazy. “Look I’m not saying what she did wasn’t wrong, because it was, it’s just that I think there’s more to the story then she is letting on. Look at the facts she moves here by herself, she chooses to live alone in an appartment instead of in the pack house, She tries to stay away from us but we just wouldn’t let her. I think for some reason she is scared of getting close to people and when she realized how close she was getting to us she cut us off.”

Well that sure as hell shut us all up. We all knew he was right so with a promise that all of us would try to figure out why she was so guarded we all headed off to bed because we did have school the next day.

I got up took a shower, whipped in some jeans, a t-shirt and some nice work boots. Nothing too fancy. I headed down stairs only to be greeted by the delicious smell of fresh blueberry muffins. I turned the corner to see my mom and sister already cleaning up.

“Hey guys, where are everyone else?”

My mom jumped at the sound of my voice as did my sister. I had forgotten I hadn’t seen them when I got home last night. Barely able to finish that thought I was attacked as they both jumped at me to hug me.

“Well hello to you too.” My sister giggled and pulled away. Me and my sister get into fights all the time but we still love each other. I pity the fool who has to be her mate, I’m going to make his life a living hell, she may only be a year younger than me but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be protective of her.

My mom swatted at my arm while wiping the tears away from her eyes. “Sweety it’s so good to see you again,” She gave me another huge squeeze “and to answer your question they all already left for school which you should be doing as well.”

“Well what about her.” I point at my sister Jasmine.

“She was waiting for you so you could go together.”

I groaned, why could I never get any alone time? “Fine, come on.” When we got to school I barely made it ten feet down the hall before I was assaulted with people wondering how my summer was.

“Adrian how was your summer?”

“Did you meet your mate?”

“Did you get into any fights?”

“Did you form any alliances?”

They just would not shut up. All of them were familiar but I think I really only knew a handful of their names. But regardless of how annoying I thought they were, I was going to be their Alpha so I had to be niceish.

Luckily Harry, Gabby, Erin and Chris made their way over to me. With them it was more bearable. The bell even rang but they still didn’t disperse.

At one point I got a whiff of this amazing scent. It was like the fresh morning air mixed with cinnamon buns. I had no idea where it was coming from but it was heavenly.

People started to leave for class slowly but the scent still remained. This really tall guy, I think his name is Ted or something, moved out of the way, that’s when I saw her.

She was absolutely stunning, she had dark raven black hair that went a little over halfway down her back. She had the most startling forest green eyes that I had even seen. She had to be at least 6 feet tall with gorgeously tanned limbs, she seemed to have some hispanic in her. The way she stood exuded confidence.

The whole time I was checking her out she was checking me out as well, and she was not shy about it. After we had finished exploring each others bodies we looked up. Our eyes connected. Time seemed to stop, and all I could think of was...



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