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Jeleňa Angeloff, that was her name. The name of the most beautiful girl in the whole town of Novi Grad and also the most dangerous one. No one was to mess with her because she knew how to punch and kick her way out, sometimes with the help of a small little pocket knife she always carried in her boots.

When the yellow sun shone above the capital city of Sokovia, Jelena, also liked to called Elena, was forced to go to high school and act like a normal teenager. Just for the sake of her own sister.

But when the sun set behind the mountains she had to do her job. Without questions she assassinated people who tell her to, for a good price of course. Unless it was to kill children, women on innocent people. All so she could take care of her younger twin sister. Elena and her sister, Anastasia, never knew how they lost their parents. All that they remember was that they kept on running, they moved from small towns to big cities until they ended up with almost no money in Novi Grad. Their parents killed along the way. They never knew how and most important why it happened but Elena knew she would never be safe after what happened despise the new life her and her sister started, she knew they were never safe.

With the little amount of money, Elena took classes to defend herself and learn how to attack. She became better and better until she finally fought in rings for money. Most of the times she won, most of the times she got a blue eye but what did it matter anyway. Anastasia could after all live a normal life and Elena got money.

Years later, they turned 17. The ring fights payed off very well for them both to go to school but school never was Elena's thing. Her thing was protecting her sister.

She did many sports in the 4 years that she was in Novi Grad. She mastered ninjutsu in one year and learned how to work with a samurai sword. The boxing classes learned her how to attack while school learned her how to hack. No, they didn't quiet teach her but she taught it herself. She taught herself how to hack the principals computer and change all her grades so she could always pass.

This is what she did for a living, hack and attack.

One day it all changed though. Her sister got a job and most of the times wasn't there to accompany her while Elena searched for a job herself. She met a man inside a bar that was whispering around for someone who may look for a job to do.

Little did she know it was that kind of job. She of course accepted without actually knowing what the job actually included. The man taught her how to work with a gun and that was how it started. She was an assassin for a year without her sister knowing. If someone needed a job done they could talk to her and get it done. By the end of the month she had money enough to buy a whole house for her and her sister but that only would get suspicion from her sister and there was no way she was about to tell she gets money for assassinating.

The reason why she didn't drop out of it? Because one day she'll find her parents murderers and murder them herself.

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