[41] Visions

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Previously on Agents;

"Oh, nothing. I have something to show you though," I tapped on my leather satchel. He shot me a look of curiosity. Well, I think. It's hard to see expressions if they're under a helmet...

"Look what I have," I said as I reached in and pulled out a crown.

A white paper crown.


       "You really did it? I didn't think you had it in you. For someone who's a premature shadow knight, you've already proven your loyalty to me before."

       "Well, what can I say... my loyalty lies with my friends," I replied.

Jess' POV

        Max and Cory caught up with us just a couple moments later. Now all we need are Jin, Ross and Shelby...

       "Just got a location on Jin. Follow me," Cory said, putting on his mask.

         He led us through a series of hallways, eventually leading to what I assumed was one of the dungeons. "Agent Bop?" I called out.

        "Guys! Over here!" a voice whisper-shouted. "Watch out for the motion triggered lasers though."

        Max walked towards Jin's cell, making sure to avoid the beams. I did so as well, but took the keys first at the end of the hall then back to the cell.

        Slowly all three of us made it back to the entrance, and Adam breathed a sigh of relief. "Now all we need are the cousins. Where the heck are they...?"

Garroth's POV

       "Hey Garroth, where are Sky and the gang?" Travis asked, putting a hand on an annoyed Katelyn's shoulder. I replied, "Not sure. The last person I talked to was Shub, and even she was acting off."

       "Well let's hope they get back soon. They're missing out on all the fun!" Laurance smiled. I muttered, "Yeah, let's hope..."

        I backed away slowly then made a run for it, hoping nobody noticed I left. Where on Earth are they? Heaving a sigh, I slumped against a tree.

And suddenly I saw these... visions.

Wander Avenue.




And a man, decked out in a full set of blood red armor.

       A few moments later, I regained consciousness and hurried to that dungeon, in the bush at Wander Avenue. What the...

Jess' POV :>

       "Shed? Squirrel?" Adam hollered out of desperation. "Wait, what was that?"

       "What was what, Zed?" I questioned. "I heard banging noises. Just listen."

       When it was just quiet enough to hear a pin drop, there it was. Distant metal-hitting-metal noises. We followed it to the end of a corridor, ending with what seemed to be a stone wall, and was actually high-tech deception cloth. You could say it was the IAEA's own little "invisibility cloak".

       Behind it was a cell, with Shelby filing her nails and Ross using an... axe? to attempt chopping the bars. Shelby smiled, "Guys! We need to get out!"

        I scanned the cell's bars, and lock. Hm, I think I can pick the lock but we don't have any bobby pins... That gave me an idea. "Hey Shelby? This might sound weird but can you give me the wire of your bra?"

        "Are you seriously trying to break them out Timeless-style?" Jin sighed. I shrugged, "Not like we have any other choice."

       Picking the lock with a very weird item, I finally heard a soft click sound. The doors swung open, and the cousins were finally out. John asked, "Hey Shed, where's your crown?"

        "The cloaked person took it for whatever reason."

        Eventually our group ended up in what looked to be the Shadow Lord's "throne room" of sorts. Guards spotted us at once and attacked. Well, this is going to be fun... not.

        We fought through the crowd of shadow knights, knocking most of them out. Cory may have actually killed a few though. Oh well. In a flash, SL arrived, along with the mystery hooman.

      "So you finally showed up. About time," he chuckled, drawing his sword out. "Wait- what the... you're supposed to be dead!"

       Not a second later, a bullet flew past me and almost reached the Shadow Lord. He pulled his sword up and it ricocheted off of it. We looked behind in surprise as Garroth fired another bullet, this time to the mystery person.

       A gust of wind surrounded them, as the bullet was pushed in the opposite direction. However it also knocked down their hood by accident.

       "Shellie? What the actual fridgerator?!" Shelby blurted out. Jin looked at him unimpressed, "Fridgerator?"

       "What, isn't this supposed to be a PG book?" she shrugged, as everyone else facepalmed.

       "Get out of here. Take a left then two rights, and through the second stone!" Shel yelled. "Are you guys deaf? You need to go. Now."

       She summoned a fireball-like wind, as the rest of us dragged Garroth to the room, appropriately (and conveniently) labeled Portal Room.

       "Now which one's the second stone?" John asked. "I have no idea."

       "It should be the second portal made of stone, right?" Ross said. Jin muttered, "No. No, it's not."

       "What do you mean?" Cory asked. "You learn a lot spending time in the HQ's library. There was a book there about old code words, and I swear I read 'second st-' that's it. Adam, press the big red button to your right."

       He obliged, teleporting everyone -including Garroth- into IAEA headquarters.

       "Sky Army, what are you doing ba-" Boss said, only to stare blankly at Garroth. "Well, this might be a problem."


Heya, Silv here! Sorry for the long wait (again) ><

Anyways, this book is almost at its end. Soo... I'll ask this now. Do you guys want a sequel? I've been wanting to do one for a while now, mostly because I came up with a plot I really like. Might not do it though but that's just a smol chance.

It'll be shorter, and might not focus much on this book's main character- i.e. Aph. It will also include some OCs, most likely one of mine, but I might also include some of you guys' OCs too.

Oh yeah, one more thing- I kinda quit the Aphmau fandom, I've never explicitly stated it but as you could tell I moved onto different shows such as the Arrowverse ones and Timeless. (*cough cough references ;> cough cough*)

I might watch her again in the future but I don't see myself doing it anytime soon.

That's all! Silv out ✌

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