(11) Broken Angel

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So this was the start of something new. No longer would I be Grace Anderson but now I would be known as Grace Lawless. It was one small change but with significant meaning. Could I really love this man until the day I died?

I walked down the isle of the church, my dress was dragging along the floor but I didn't mind. The music filled my ears and Phillip was smiling by the alter. I smiled back but I felt scared of something.

Once I reached Phillip, he held onto my hand. The priest began to say something but I couldn't hear. My head was aching more than ever and I felt dizzy.

Throughout the ceremony, my mind was somewhere else. What was Angelo doing now. Was he OK? How would he react to my marriage? He probably would be happy for me.

"Phillip Lawless, do you take Grace Anderson for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honour, comfort and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"And Grace Anderson, do you take Phillip Lawless as your lawful wedded husband, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honour, comfort and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?"

I nodded slightly. Was everyone else feeling as hot as me? I was sweating and my head felt light. I looked around and there were only smiles to greet me. I closed my eyes briefly.

"Miss. Anderson! You need to say 'I do' here, I'm afraid you cannot simply nod to a bounding agreement."

I looked up at the priest who had eyes as wide as saucers as he stared at me. I then looked at Phillip. His eyes were wide too and he looked a little bit annoyed but I don't blame him. I was ruining this ceremony.

I nodded at him and then at the priest. "I - I -"


"Grace, wake up please!"

Someone was shaking me quite viciously. My head killed and I wished they would just stop that. My eyes opened slowly.

My sisters were kneeling over me with worried expressions on their faces. They looked so grown up now, it made me a little sad. They were gorgeous and successful and had their own lives now and I felt like I'd missed a huge part of their lives.

I remembered what had happened now and I wished I could just fall unconscious again but I could hear Phillip rushing over.

"Are you really going to marry him?" Estelle asked. "I mean, he seems like a nice guy and everything but you never ever talk about him and in your sleep you whisper some other guys name... What was it..."

"Angelo?" Alice offered.

My eyes shot open wide. "I say his name? In my sleep?"

They both nodded. "Pretty much every night." They said pulling faces at each other. "He must be pretty special to have that effect on you."

If only they knew.

"And to be honest, this guy... Well, you could do better, he is getting on my nerves actually."

"I - I don't really know what to do..." I said in a barely audible whisper.

Just then, Phillip reached us. "Is she ok, what's happened?" He said quickly.

"She's ok... But I don't think she wants to marry you." Admitted Estelle, looking towards me.

"What?" He asked and the light in his eyes seemed to disappear. He looked like a little boy who had lost his favourite toy.

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