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Sera's knuckles hurt from how hard she was rapping on the door. She had been standing there for almost an hour, but she didn't plan on leaving. Tears marked her pale face as she thumbed her fist against the wood, her voice scratchy and thick. "Tony, open the door, please."

She knew he wouldn't get up to speak to her, it was obvious. Nonetheless, she still had to try. She couldn't let him suffer alone, no matter how little time it had been since they had known each other. She wasn't the type to comfort people, it was something she had struggled with for as long as she could remember. Still, she couldn't imagine what the young man was felling in that moment. 

"Tony, I don't want you to be alone," she mumbled, dropping her hand and resting her forehead against the door. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned and slid to the ground. Her fingers seemed to find her hair as she ran her hands through them in exasperation, not knowing what else to do. 

"Would this help, by any chance?" An old voice broke the silence, and Sera nearly jumped out her skin, a curse word escaping her mouth. She looked up to see an aged, slender man in a sharp suit holding out a teaspoon. He offered her a soft smile, though his eyes were red and his shoulders were slumped. "Master Tony is stubborner than most."

Not choosing to question the man, Sera sniffled, before accepting the spoon and turning it around, slipping the tip of the handle into the keyhole, twisting it and choking back tears when the door opened. She looked back at the man who appeared quite watery-eyed as well. "Thank you..."

"Edwin Jarvis, ma'am," an English accent escaped him and he held out his hand. Sera didn't hesitate in shaking it. "I'm the Stark family butler. I'm sure you've heard the news-"

"Yes, I have." Sera whispered, hanging by the doorway for a moment. They had received word just over an hour ago that Maria and Howard Stark were killed in a vicious car accident. How it had happened she didn't know, she had only heard a single sentence on the news before Tony had thrown the remote at the screen and stormed off.

They hadn't even reached the airport.

Moments after the breaking news the household received a call, which Sera had to pick up. A switch had seemed to flick in Tony, and he had rushed to his bedroom and locked the door. He refused to speak or interact with her, and though she didn't blame him, she didn't want him to be by himself. She shifted from foot to foot as she looked up at the butler, pressing her lips into a thin line.  "I'm so sorry for you loss, Mr. Jarvis."

"I'm sure Master Tony has it far worse than I do," Edwin responded softly, nodding towards the now unlocked door. Sera had no idea what their relationship was, but she could only assume the Tony trusted Jarvis more than he trusted her.

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